Look at her skin tone. The bluish-red around her eyes isn’t healthy at all. I didn’t know why I thought that but I felt strongly that it made her look dead. So I googled around and this is what I found: […]

Ugh. NARS is trying to be edgy, and throwing women under the bus to do it. (And with Bourdin, “throwing women under the bus” is a bit too literal.)

Haha, yeah. I think that every time I look at this palette in the store. *sigh*

Yeah, it’s great. I got a little sample of it for the Sephora birthday gift, and I wasn’t expecting to like it better than high beam, but I find myself reaching for Watt’s Up more often. It’s easier to apply and […]

Lip balm by Savannah Bee, in Earl Gray.

It’s a beeswax lip balm that is softer than Burt’s Bees, probably because it has coconut oil and olive oil in the formula. It’s a LOT like the Fresh Sugar lip balm, but […]

WELL! When I saw this on Pinterest, I thought Butter London was changing their bottles to look more like Julep, and I wasn’t too happy about that.

But Mascara? A full makeup range? Color me intrigued!

Yep! Only once, but it was a great experience. It wasn’t nearly as painful as plucking. In fact, the sensation is kind of cool and interesting. My eyebrows looked fantastic.

I would do it again for a special […]

Where would you wear that green lip tar? COMIC CON!!!

This is brilliant, and I’m super excited! OCC lip tars are perfect for cosplay and LARPing. OCC makes some weird colors, but they’re not so weird on an […]

A poem! I like that! Are you memorizing it?

Uh oh! This is another one where people will have wildly different opinions about what qualifies as a “splurge.”

For me, a splurge is anything that you can’t find in the drugstore.

Mascara, nail polish […]

I’m working my way through a jar of cold cream, but I don’t like it because it’s hard to get off. It does work well for stray eye makeup, though. I apply the cold cream to my eyes, and then wipe it off, and then […]

I’ve had my eye on the rose scented finishing powder by Jurlique. I love the smell of roses, and I think it would be nice.

But that’s a special case, an un-tinted makeup product where the scent is the selling […]

Skin – Tarte BB tinted primer (light) and waterproof concealer (fair).
Eyes – UD “Wreckage” eyeshadow” and black mascara. (wreckage is a bronzed fawn brown.)
Cheeks – UD Afterglow blush in “greedy.” (sheer […]

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