Christine, I’m torn! I’m still debating on whether to get it or not. I have already mood exposure and I barely use it… But his palette is too pretty!

I just bought one in Lolita and I love it. I was waiting for you to review it but it seems like you don’t have the color. Anyways, I’m happy how it performed for me and I Love the color!

Same as for me…like it’s not gonna end shedding!

I was there 2 weeks ago, playing with some of the products. The flagship store is on the same area as the sephora one. Close to the Powell Bart station. I’m glad that they finally move to somewhere that’s close to […]

Noooooo! I promised my self to hold off any makeup purchases because I just dropped a huge amount of money after buying hakuhodo brushes but I want this soooo bad! Let’s see if could wait for your swatches…I can do this!

Yay! Thanks Christine for reviewing them, I have a couple of MUG eyeshadows cocoa bear,creme brûlée and I love them! I’m planning to buy some more but I’m trying to built my list. I heard their black eyeshadow is […]

Thanks Christine for doing this…I’ve been wanting to try hakuhodo brushes but I don’t really know where to start and what to get…after reading this, I think I’ll be able to get a couple to try these great […]

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