*audience* “Describe your balls, Chucky!!”

*Charles Gray as The Criminologist* “Heavy, black, and pendulous…”

OH YES, the sword of Damocles is hanging over my head, and I’ve got a feeling someone’s gonna […]

I love this color. I wonder how well it blends with other Tars? I’ve finds some of the worst performers make the best mixers.

I’m so in for this one. :) I’m a huge fan of Lorde, so this is one collab I have been waiting for because of the artist more than the makeup or packaging (for a change). I love the color, so I’ll see if it’s like […]

it’s very likely there will be since it is not a collaboration, but no guarantees. The past year has seen a lot of odd experimentation from MAC on how to avoid selling out entire collections to pros who abuse the […]

I know! Frankly, it saved me in a way on the Proenza collection (only want blush and lipstick, but hey==that’s a lot in that one!), because I was unaware the original date was the 3rd, and learned that on the 6th […]

You made me want all the Lipglass I talked myself out of, and now this… I hate you, you’re not my friend anymore. j/k lol I love you, and these swatches are all gorgeous. I’m going to be so freaking broke, and I […]

I own so many 24/7 pencils, and I often wonder WHY I keep buying them when I don’t care much for any of them, to be quite honest. I strongly prefer MAC’s Chromographic Pencil in Black Black over Perversion. I detest the way the glittery, shimmery pencils refuse to leave any color on my water line. I find myself screaming in a histrionic rage at…[Read more]

My two favorite wands are the fluffy, bushy type found in MAC Plush Lash (the only MAC mascara I like) and a silicone spike ball, like the one in the Givenchy tubes. I buy disposable silicone spike balls by the […]

You know, when I got the 5 Cremesheens with the Heavenly Creature collection 2012 (when Galaxy Rose was introduced), I was rather excited. I even liked the colors, although I was rather disappointed in the […]

On more reason to love YSLs. That color is the bomb diggity on you! I need that in my life. If I were rich, I’d just wipe out the entire YSL line in one order.

In my world, 12 blush per month is TOTALLY normal. No worries, girl! If it makes you feel better, I think I have gone over that on occasion. I just got 4 Anna Sui, several new MAC, and I’m already planning to […]

Thank you for that information; having only used old and new style MAC palettes, I must rely on what I’m told by others for now. I know TKB sells tin pans for the express purpose of being able to stick to a […]

Check out this lustre Christine swatched in 2012 (if the link works): http://www.temptalia.com/mac-shop-mac-cook-mac-lipsticks-reviews-photos-swatches

I can only speak for myself, but I have several lustre lipsticks that have strong pigmentation, and I love them! Dish It Up, Fire Sign, Tart & Trendy… all excellent pigment. Flamingo & Venus are a bit more […]

Lately, they have been pre-releasing these things at department store as the latest experiment to deal with the pro discount people. We used to get releases 10 days early, but those who abuse it would cause items […]

I have Galaxy Rose and its one of the reasons I can’t stand Cremesheens lol oh well.

Excellent advice. I use this technique to depot my MAC e/s and occasionally blush, although I only use a candle when it’s faster. Generally, I get a small piece of parchment or wax paper and lay that across a flat […]

Interesting! A friend and myself both discovered accidentally that the glue in the MAC Semi-Precious MSF collection is inferior because first my Goldstone then later, her Pearl simply depotted themselves. Just up […]

4 of the 6 Rose blush from Anna Sui in Beautylish. Did it work out? Not sure, because they’re too dang pretty to swatch. I know I can’t tolerate the smell… they are heavily perfumed with rose, which reminds me […]

I honestly only depot my MAC e/s that are in single compacts because I won’t use them otherwise. I leave all my MAC blush in the compacts because I like to pop them in my purse when I go out, for that “just in […]

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