I really like this question because it totally hits home with me. I definitely have a larger makeup collection than most of my friends, family, and acquaintances. People who know me well aren’t critical at all, […]

Exactly! And I totally empathized with your point about the research. I live 1.5 hrs away from the nearest Ulta and 3.5 from the nearest Sephora, so 90% of my purchases are online. Luckily, if something does not […]

I can only speak for myself, but even if the product was really bad or just not a good match for me, I still feel guilty taking it back because it seems like a waste. Once makeup is tampered with/opened, it’s […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium, Neutral-Warm (NC20-NW25)
Favorite unconventional lip color? – Pale lavender purple! or Navy blue!
Beauty product you use in an unconventional way? – For a more dramatic or […]

I did buy a Josie Maran Argan skincare set from QVC online- it had everything I’d need for dry winter skin. It was an awesome value, and they let you do sort of a pay-per-month thing and I got to split up the […]

For high-end, Bite Bramble! For drugstore, Wet N Wild Lady and the Vamp. Honorable mention goes to Wet N Wild Vamp it Up.

the other comments caught my attention and made me scroll back up, but now i can see why. poison tree frog. i love that. 😀

I take into account where I’m going (work? out with friends? babysitting children? a date?), what the weather is like (humid? dry? precipitous? sunny?), the condition of my skin (am I extra oily, dry, fighting […]

Marque has my name written allllll over it… gotta get my hands on that!

NARS Isolde duo, OPI Oktoberfest nail polish, Acqua di Gioia parfum, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (not sure which shade yet, have to wait til I decide what color I’m doing my hair first!), and a new foundation brush. […]

Girl, I am on the Dupe List several times a week- even if I am not necessarily buying something new that day, I am always checking out new products and collections and am curious to know if I have something buried […]

Product reviews on retail websites actually have a decent bearing on my purchase decisions- it’s kind of easy to tell from reviews if the person was educated in their decision to buy it in the first place (like, I […]

I’d use the Color Festival palette first- looks beautiful and like loads of fun!

I adore Brooke Shields! However, of the products I would want in this collection, the colors are not anything I’m particularly lusting after… wish I was more interested in the shades available! Cool collab […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-Medium, Neutral Undertone / NW18-NC20
Last beauty product you purchased? – Tonnns!! Hauled Sephora (Buxom Lip Gloss in Hot Mama, etc), Ulta (IT Brushes Airbrush Set, etc), and […]

I don’t know how I forget primer but I manage to leave that one, maybe 1 in every 10 times I do my makeup. I’ll be in a hurry or not thinking and then I’ve already slapped on a little foundation and it’s like… […]

This is super cute, although I’m still kicking myself for not picking up the “Favorite Things” palette they did last year for the holidays. That’s my single biggest beauty regret, is skipping the cute Sound of […]

For a more polished or full-covered look, I prefer to use a foundation brush like the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I pour/squeeze some foundation on the back of my (clean) hand, pick it up with the brush, and […]

I actually found this to be super interesting- I agree with you (Christine) in general, and I’ve had times when I walked into Sephora kinda bare-faced and frumpy (not intentionally, just coming from the beach or […]

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