I would love to try a gradient eyeliner look with the copper and gold!

I want the Playful Honey to win for overall looks though!

Honey is GORGEOUS! I love it in the lip look.
My current favorite gold is Mac’s Tempting, but this is just so stunning I might have to snipe it!

Every page after the first page of reviews is fine. Otherwise, if I’m on an individual page for a review/the main page the font is too large.
I’m using firefox on a PC.

Ah! I have no need for this but it’s gorgeous. The cuff is adorable too. Too bad it sold out ):

Also, Christine, I have a quick question. I’ve been noticing the main font of Temptalia has increased dramatically […]

My favorite little beauty tip is to layer a slightly shiny but sheer champagne colored eyeshadow or eyeliner beneath whatever eyeliner I’m using that day. I make the line of the champagne makeup slightly larger so […]

They’re gorgeous! But I can only imagine how much of a pain they’d be to remove. ):

I’ve always loved Wuthering Heights and I could see a lot of deep, muted, dramatic colors. Even though it isn’t always raining in the book, I always see a misty English countryside in my head. I think it would be stunning!

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