butter cream looks really pretty… but the flat-top can be slightly problematic in terms of application from bullet, no?

gosh, this looks soooo pretty! ^.^

the effect is really like Photoshop! <3 love that this is so subtle on the shimmer!

Rose Rush is such a pretty shade! <3

sheer anarchy is such a pretty shade! <3

the shades all look sooo pretty! <3

Tenderly looks so nice! I will go hunt for a similar shade! <3

the pattern is to die for! but half the quantity :O

Houdini is calling out my name!!!! I’ll buy it even with the ‘B’ 😀

OMG, carnelian is such a pretty shade! <3

wow, love the shade.. will look nice on my medium skin tone I believe :)

I’d do anything to lay my hands on this one.. Love that subtle glow on the skin Christine! <3

oh my god, that’s such a heavenly matte texture! <3

I would definitely have picked this set up if Tarte was available in India! sigh!

the shades look quite weak in the pigmentation department :(

quite a light one for my medium complexion… pretty shade nonetheless :)

the shade is too light for me, but lovely on you! the eye makeup looks fab! <3

all the shades are really pretty! <3

sad to see a ‘C’… the palette seems quite un-inviting :(

pretty shade! <3

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