Wowwwwwnnesssssss …. so wow it iss

How gorgeous they areeee .. totally getting Thresher :) and hoping to see these in TOP 10 of 2015 :)

Nars Cruela and Nars Fire down below for me :)

They all look gorgeous .. and Luxembourg is my favvvvvv
I may indulge in this


How prettyyyy it looks …. oh myyy myyyyy

Fly money fly
fly money fly
fly money fly

what a shade ….pasiphae here I come

This is so gorgeous on your already gorgeous skin ….
I have no 7 n 12 n noe eagerly waiting for a round up post and special recommendation ..

my heart again skipped a beat seeing a highlighter :)

am as excited as you are …. keep rocking gal !!!

This is stunningly gorgeous on you dear :)
I missed commenting here and giving you compliments
but trust me …. my heart still skip a beat when I see highlighters reviews here
pls keep them coming

and now […]

Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :) so quick , so lovely , so beautiful and so gorgeous :)
no matter what , I loved this on you

have half of these … want laura geller now :)

It looks extremely beautiful :)
why the last shade is broken :( :( :(

This is pure gorgeousness on you dear :)

Its totally off topic but I really want your suggestion on teal eyeliner …
teal liner coral lips are your favourite and now even I have started collecting like obedient follower ….

you think Nars abbey […]

Wowness …. amazing it looks

Guerlain Wulong face product ,
Tom Ford brush and
Guerlain provocative rouge g lipstick

What a fantastic round up :)

seriously appreciate alllll the time n efforts dear

I’m stunned to see this shade ….
it is stunning or as always you made this look stunning ??

pls answer
n I will sleep calmly after your convincing reply

Omgnesssssss for the eyes n lips …. the two shades meeting at lower lash line … wow n soooo wow :)
I do this on upper lash line with purple n teal but am amazed to see your pic here …

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