I’m stunned to see this shade ….
it is stunning or as always you made this look stunning ??

pls answer
n I will sleep calmly after your convincing reply

Omgnesssssss for the eyes n lips …. the two shades meeting at lower lash line … wow n soooo wow :)
I do this on upper lash line with purple n teal but am amazed to see your pic here …

Wonderful eye looks … mind blowinggggggg

I would say , Dior Backstage Pink and MAC Sweetie :) they are the oldest so guess thats the reason 😀 😀 and i love them a lottt

Both the shades are gorgeous :) that pink is very beautiful and not easily avlb. in every brand :)

I’m sooo getting this palette :) n wow A rating :) this is a winner , loving the looks you created using the shades

I’m so getting Orange crush for me :) It is such a happy shade

Intro (Vert) still looks THEEE BESTTT :)
fabulous eye looks dear

I’m in heaven …. pls someone extend the sale :)

Thank you for quick reply Christine :)

This reminded me
did I missed koh gen do review or you didn’t liked it dear
I remember you saying that you picked

I need to stop opening highlighter post before sleeping and that too here …
what smashing pictures n spark is sparking as always

M actually D for Deaddddddd
god give me some money

thank you for birthday wishes in advance … am gonna remind you too lol :)

I’m honestly looking for good base makeup ….
like concealer ,tinted moisturiser , foundation , setting powder for my oily to combination skin

do you like me to try IT cosmetic concealer ??

Placed my last order 2 days back and m done for now lol :)
I had no idea about Mr.Rebate but when i signed up was curious to know how it works .. figured out that it is same ” click.link” … naaahhhhh
went […]

I remember once wishing to see a quarterly report … if am not wrong I even mentioned …
nevertheless … am soooo sooo sooooooooo happy to see this

already placed my VIB rouge order through your link 11th […]

I already have naked plum , citrus and electric violet ….
in cart I have canary n plum gold :)
Then I will have your top 3 fav … canary , citrus n naked plum
2 shades which I also want and not available are […]

Lol … he surely is :) my son would loveeeeee to cuddle him one day
now that my passport is renewed m hoping to visit my family in US :)

I have 2 of the high shimmer gloss in cart …. m hooked and feel bad […]

It seems Mellan likes to socialise a lot xoxo :)

haul : waiting for sephora sale … any last minute recommendations from you would be really helpful
weekend plans : chillax with son … his holidays started […]

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