M actually D for Deaddddddd
god give me some money

thank you for birthday wishes in advance … am gonna remind you too lol :)

I’m honestly looking for good base makeup ….
like concealer ,tinted moisturiser , foundation , setting powder for my oily to combination skin

do you like me to try IT cosmetic concealer ??

Placed my last order 2 days back and m done for now lol :)
I had no idea about Mr.Rebate but when i signed up was curious to know how it works .. figured out that it is same ” click.link” … naaahhhhh
went […]

I remember once wishing to see a quarterly report … if am not wrong I even mentioned …
nevertheless … am soooo sooo sooooooooo happy to see this

already placed my VIB rouge order through your link 11th […]

I already have naked plum , citrus and electric violet ….
in cart I have canary n plum gold :)
Then I will have your top 3 fav … canary , citrus n naked plum
2 shades which I also want and not available are […]

Lol … he surely is :) my son would loveeeeee to cuddle him one day
now that my passport is renewed m hoping to visit my family in US :)

I have 2 of the high shimmer gloss in cart …. m hooked and feel bad […]

It seems Mellan likes to socialise a lot xoxo :)

haul : waiting for sephora sale … any last minute recommendations from you would be really helpful
weekend plans : chillax with son … his holidays started […]

A plus and your recommendation ….
I’m coming cola pop :)

This is the only shade which impressed me in press release and A plus
I need this right awayyyyy
what a fantastic shade it is on you :)

Nooo waysss …
For once I would say you are mistaken …
its only n only you ….

God I want to sleep …. but now it seems impossible :(
what a shade it isssss ….
I need to keep scrolling up and down to make mind
is it you who made the shade look stunning or vice versa ??


My head is spinning reading the review … glad i skipped this yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m out of words to tell you how well you write reviews :)
and love Shaun for always noticing you no matter how busy you both are :)

My absolute fav hue BERRYyyyyyyyyyyyy :) loved all the shades you mentioned and tried YSL , UD and MAC …

Another shade which I adore is GUERLAIN GIGOLO
am really digging FANNY … guess it would be nice choice

I recently ordered MAC 184 after your post which is bookmarked since long time .. about must have face brushes :D :D
cant wait to try when it reaches here …

lol :)
going by the dupes … i do have MAC Sweet as Cocoa , Becca Papaya Topaz and CHANEL Canaille :)
i will wait for some sale and then may be jump and pick it :D :D
but nevertheless , am really digging […]

I picked this site unseen , no reviews nothing and now am stunned to see how gorgeous it looks :)
i hope it looks nice on me :)
you just made my day with the review … :) so damn pretty on you :)

I need this in my lifeeeeeeeeee
along with the stunning eye liners you used here :) and lipstick too ….

Am I asking too much ???:(

Haul ….. bite beauty duo in 2 shades … tangerine and fig I guess and kat von d tattoo liner .. went through your link and also managed to get mac fan brush :)
weekend plans …. it was holi festival here … […]

just read the reply dear .. :) thank you soo much :)

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