I actually have a lot of ideas for nail polish, but shipping to Germany for a suspension base is often expensive and many shops don’t ship overseas.
Anyway for the question (what I’d do right now), I like neon, […]

I love orange eyeshadow, especially in summer, so I could imagine either something light and shimmery or just a darker brown combined with orange :)

Playful Honey looks gorgeous, but it wouldn’t work for me, so I’ll go with Smoked Honey 😉

Whenever I use eyeshadow (which is not that often actually) due to oily and slightly hooded eyelids.

Astor – Play the Graffiti over an orange creme from Catrice and I love it! It does look a little bit like a Halloween manicure, but I don’t really mind 😀

I love the lipsticks! Bad Girl RiRi looks like something I could wear every day 😀

In general I don’t make any distinction between Summer and Winter colors (in opposite to my mother). However, I bought the entire Take Wing collection from Color Club recently and I don’t think I’ll use them […]

China Glaze! I love their collections so much, but the only way to get their polishes in Germany (and Europe in general?) is online. And I wish that OPI would have more reasonable prices. They cost ~22$, so I only […]

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While I usually prefer lighter colors, I really love Sea Witch from this palette. I’d combine it with lighter shades (like Triton and Treasures Untold) and a nice matte lip cream.