Incorrigible and Pardiso…I didn’t think I would like the white packaging so actually looks quite nice!

Incorrigible and Pardiso would be my favorites..though the rest of them look quite nice too..I did think these might be sheerer, going by the description, but at least they look and feel light on the lips.

I have been loving all the swatches and reviews I have seen of these so far..I just hope they don’t sell out before I get a chance to check them in store!!!!

For a second I thought they were cream shadows! I have never tried Ulta makeup despite their constant sales..should probably start with these 😀

The Revlon one would be my favorite – it looks so yummm! I amn’t much of a red lip person, so I would probably go with a lip pencil or a gloss..something that’s easier to wear than a proper red lipstick 😀

I love it when I can buy eyeshadow pans and make my own palette…I know there are tons of depotting videos and tutorials, but I can never bring myself to destroy the packaging, especially NARS :shudder: nooooooo 😀 the pan, it looks sooo beautiful! I never can bring myself to use a dampened brush on eyeshadows…I feel it reduces the shelf life drastically :(

These blushes look lovely on you, but I doubt if it would be all that great for someone darker skinned like I am…the packaging is so pretty, though, and the promo images were just amaaazingggg 😀

I like Hakuhodo, though I haven’t tried very many of their brushes to comment too much on the quality-price. My one must-have would be J5523…if I had to have only one eyeshadow brush I would pick this one, and […]

I love the design and colors in this palette, especially Mulberry and Ultraviolet…the shimmery shades never show up on my skin though..can’t even pick it up on my fingers to swatch! Though, probably they are […]

I am definitely interested in the yellow-neutral powder…I hope it’s good for oily-combination skins, and it’s awesome that there’s SPF 30 in there!

OMG..AMMMMAZZZINGGGGGGGG 😀 😀 Can’t wait for these to be available at Sephora!!

I love these colors! I am on a bit of a nail polish no-buy – am running out of luggage space to store things in (we aren’t here in the US permanently) – but I love love love such neutral shades :)

OMG..thank you sooo sooooo much for the link! 😀 😀 😀

I am working today – have to cover for someone – but I work from home and am parked in front of the TV waiting for 49ers game 😀 😀 I never used to […]

I hopped on here to see the earrings 😀 😀 They are awesome..I was expecting something completely different, smaller, and I was wondering how it would look on you. These seem perfect for you :)

Haaa…got the answer 😀 😀 Please ignore my earlier comment 😛

Have you worn those earrings in any photos posted here? I hope that’s okay to ask…..just wanted to see them, and I might have missed it if you have posted earlier :)

Clear would be sensible, obviously..but I just don’t like them…plus I think the clear surface won’t look all that pretty once it gets scratched up 😛 I like Inglot palettes – they aren’t completely opaque, so […]

I love Chanel Glossimers! And thankfully, Murmure does show up on my lips 😀

Haaaa…cute! 😀 😀

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