Oh my god. SOLD!

You accidentally called the first lipstick “Warmed Maple” (I think it’s Braised?) in the image captions, just a heads up!

Confirmed now: I must have Candied Maple. Debating Braised Maple as well. Sooo pretty.


Julie (Swatch & Review) is phenomenal. I’m so happy she was able to get you the collection so quickly because I’ve been waiting on your review of these too before I purchase them! So far it’s looking like Candied […]

I’m so excited for this. As someone who regularly wears bright shadows, I often struggle bringing a bright palette on vacation – because they never EVER have any neutrals in them so you end up having to bring two […]

Maybe this explains why Pinch O Peach has been sold out for what feels like a year now? So weird… even the reps at the MAC counters have had no idea what’s going on with that shade.

Limecrime because they’ve been shady since FOREVER.

More recently, Gerard Cosmetics because of their recent behaviours and (as it turns out) shady business practices.

I’m obsessed with the original Melted line and would love to try the Metals out!

Oh my good lord. Coconut… you soo prettteeeee….

Bit of an odd collection if they’re going to be permanent. This makes me a little bit nervous that they’re going to discontinue some of the other matte shades that aren’t listed in this collection.

I was quite dismayed by the shade name. I was expecting something totally exceptional with the name “Melted Rainbow”. I’ll buy it, because I’ve become a rabid fan for the Melted lipsticks, but it’s just another […]

That’s very interesting to hear regarding the bases/primers. Although I’m nervous to do so, I’ll give it a shot without a primer and see if it stops the creasing. It doesn’t seem to happen on all shades though, […]

Someone just posted to say that they heard back from Sephora and that Canadians are getting refunds but no product re-shipment. :(

Oh JEEZ! I was so looking forward to this palette too since I’ve fallen rather madly in love with the textures of Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows in her Artist palettes. As you said, the swatches aren’t bad, but when I […]

Aha, there we go. The lip trial. Yucccck!

I realize this product is for eye (and thank you very much for the review, I was pretty much expecting this to be the end result), but I wonder how it would work on the lips?

Rave – They were my “first” and I’ll always love them for that… however…

Rant – in comparing them to others over the years, they’ve lost their luster. While they eyeshadows used to be amazing, they’ve long […]

Oh my god. RIPE PEACH!



I get soooo lost when I have to make my own palette. Much, much prefer someone to pre-choose the shades for me!

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