Someone just posted to say that they heard back from Sephora and that Canadians are getting refunds but no product re-shipment. :(

Oh JEEZ! I was so looking forward to this palette too since I’ve fallen rather madly in love with the textures of Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows in her Artist palettes. As you said, the swatches aren’t bad, but when I […]

Aha, there we go. The lip trial. Yucccck!

I realize this product is for eye (and thank you very much for the review, I was pretty much expecting this to be the end result), but I wonder how it would work on the lips?

Rave – They were my “first” and I’ll always love them for that… however…

Rant – in comparing them to others over the years, they’ve lost their luster. While they eyeshadows used to be amazing, they’ve long […]

Oh my god. RIPE PEACH!



I get soooo lost when I have to make my own palette. Much, much prefer someone to pre-choose the shades for me!

Oh wow. That lipstick is really quite lovely.

And ohhhh shoot. Does this mean the grey Rihanna II lipstick will be yanked from MAC stores? I never got around to picking that up and I keep putting it off! :s


That Too Faced Sugar and Spice palette… since it was limited to Ulta and they don’t ship to Canada… I’ve been dying to get my hands on it! So many lovely shades to play around with in there!

It was totally by accident – I forgot I was wearing a Maybelline Color Tattoo (not actually listed as waterproof I don’t think, but it sure was!) and L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black waterproof mascara and went […]

A flat out rainbow really! I’ve been lusting after this palette for quite some time but the cost is so prohibitive (even moreso in Canada!).

An all matte 12 pan palette would be wonderful! Hell, a 12-pan neutral matte AND a 12-pan vibrant matte!

Awesome giveaway! I’d use the moolah to snag up the UD Electric palette I’ve put off picking up!

Oh odd – I never noticed that before (and I’m also Canadian)!

It could mean that they’re going to come back and change their regular packaging too… :s

Nice to see that Lightscapade is permanent (I don’t think it was before right?) but I really dislike the packaging. But I also feel like I say that every time MAC repackages their product. I guess I just dislike change!

I am VERY curious to see how this one works. Matte and pen style? Hell yes! (If it works.)


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