Bow n Arrow reminds me a bit of Milani’s Matte Naked.

Someone I interact with fairly regularly at work made a comment about my makeup and asked whether I had a date later…I was very confused because I wear makeup pretty much every day, and that particular day I was […]

Four seasons, four collections, easy math! (Though an occasional one-off release between seasons doesn’t bother me, like a new product line or a palette…I don’t see those as full-on “collections,” so much?)

Haha, you and NARS sounds like me and Urban Decay! Half their palettes now are a no-go, between me owning most of their eyeshadows and feeling that owning more than about half of the Naked offerings is a bit […]

I like the color combo, but I am more super wowed by that eyeliner! SO BRIGHT

Well, there’s one big gimme that Urban Decay always has with me: Is it a new eyeshadow palette that mostly has shades I don’t already own, that isn’t another neutral-fest/addition to the Naked line? Then I’ll snap […]

Hmm…they could be more matte. But if they perform as well on me as the normal line does, I might pick up one or two if I like the shade. I’m a pretty big fan of their lipsticks. Still like the feel of the dagger […]

Back before eyeshadow primer was really a thing, the only eyeshadow that would last on my eyes for any amount of time was cream eyeshadow. I had a few quads/quints that I hit pan on multiple shades. I know I […]

I think if I get one of these, it’d be Sundae. While hot pink is fairly dupable, and matte hot pink is getting there with the matte trend, I love seeing it with the shimmer added in!

Too bad there aren’t any […]

I might make my first colourpop order to get these duochromes.

Hmm…they’re pretty but I’m not that impressed, based on your description of the formula. I’ve had rather good luck with UD Moondust and Sephora’s mirror finish eyeshadows, and those kill with sparkle while not […]

Ulta has THE worst shipping I’ve encountered.

I, of course, would rock out with the purple shades the most!

L’Oreal Lilac Coolers (crelly) with Illamasqua Swarm sandwiched in the middle, topped with Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze.

If I had to do it over again, I think I’d actually put the glaze under my layers of topcoat, […]

Ten years ago, my makeup collection was minimal, but I had several four pan cream shadow palettes I hit pan on, because that was the only thing that would stay on my eyes!

…I never had to wear mascara then, […]

The thing that gets me is that the shade is ubiquitous, and whenever I wear one, it inevitably just gives me the warm brown tone and none of the green flash. So common AND disappointing! :(

Ooooh, I love the looks of Patent Leather! At first, I wasn’t seeing enough unique shades to wow me, but there are a few in there that look interesting.

I swear, the Milani matte lipsticks have NO SCENT WHATSOEVER. After most of their products smelling heavily of fake watermelon, this floored me. I just grabbed one and inhaled deeply–still nothing.

Hmm…I might swatch this. I can be a bit meh when it comes to more Nakeds, just because I don’t go purely neutral all that often. However, the colors I think I like best either got the lower grades, and one is […]

– Light, neutral

– Teal? XD I tend to acquire all of the teals. UD Siren in liquid, I have a Pixi pencil in teal that wears like iron, and I have teal kohl that I love, too.

– Meh, anything I set with powder […]

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