– Light, neutral

– Teal? XD I tend to acquire all of the teals. UD Siren in liquid, I have a Pixi pencil in teal that wears like iron, and I have teal kohl that I love, too.

– Meh, anything I set with powder […]

I avoid perfumey-scented items, if that makes sense? I’d rather have unscented facial moisturizer, but if it’s got a light scent, I deal, that sort of thing.

I don’t use shampoo with sulfates or conditioners […]

Too bad about the performance, Cleopatra’s gorgeous, and perfectly what I wanted out of a “blackened teal” sort of shade. (So many of them end up reading just black.)

Lost my Jack Black at the airport once…I rarely NEED lip balm, but I had been getting over a cold, and I was so sad to not have my good lipbalm on that trip.

Aside from that, I generally don’t lose things […]

Hmm…around $20 on a lipstick or mascara, $60 on a nice eyeshadow palette. I generally only use UD Deslick for setting powder, but I go through it slowly that I never buy it without a 20% off sale of some sort, […]

Clicky products are THE WORST. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another one again. Why do they exist?

Tarte has nice palette sets, but if you’ve got one with eyeshadows, you probably don’t ever need to buy another.

Also, if you want any of the holiday blush offerings, you have to buy it almost immediately, or […]

It was always gourmand and spices, with the occasional fruitier thing thrown in.

But my big thing? Ginger. Ginger, ginger, ginger. I wear BPAL Shub Niggurath all the time, and I get a surprising amount of […]

Boo, Guerlain, you’ve done better in the gold shimmer lipstick category.

It feels like they purposefully made the more unusual colors sheerer so they were “safer” to wear, but still could have them stand out to make the set look prettier.

Like, I’m not looking for fully opaque […]

The kicker is that these all seem like pretty basic shades. I’d boot any eyeshadow at any pricepoint that couldn’t perform in these shades.

One word. Purple.

I’ve never used their products, but they’re a sponser on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which I find interesting.

The brow products seem to be pretty popular, but I don’t really need brow products.

Definitely WnW’s 6-pan in Lust, and then probably UD Naked Basics, if only for my using Walk of Shame for a neutral lid to pair up with crazier colors in the crease. I do have quite a few dented pans in my UD 15th […]

I don’t really care about brands’ marketing. My facebook is to keep up with actual people in my life, so no I’m not going to follow companies on it. I’m on the email list of a couple of my favorite brands, and […]

As much as I love Ulta for its variety of products and its rewards, whoever packs up the stuff for shipping (or, more likely, whoever decided HOW they all should be packed and instructed everyone else) is incompetant.

Jubilation and Craving are my kind of cheek products! (Yeah, I almost always reach for bronzer or highlighter before I touch blush. And I love gold.)

At least the Megalasts are somewhat thinner than average in diameter.


In certain circumstances, I’ll pay more for a product that is higher quality, but I have things I love on both ends of the spectrum. I’ll set a drugstore foundation with a higher end setting powder, use […]

I think I could probably make something like this work on my browbone. My skin isn’t particularly oily, and my browbone is far enough away from my crease to keep it from migrating. But it sounds like it would […]

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