I wasn’t particularly fond of Loreal lipsticks or the brand in general. In the past few years, I’ve come to really like their Telescopic and Voluminous mascara formulas and the Infallible eye products including […]

The eye shadow palette is very pretty but I’m afraid it would not show up sufficiently on my medium dark skin (strike for Marc Jacobs, win for my wallet). Since the brow pencils are permanent I’ll hold out for reviews.

It’s good to know I’m not the only one still ogling magazines for beauty ideas (lol). Yes, thank goodness for our girl Christine.

Mellan is so cool. Love the beauty mark on his ear.
Haul: some of the Mac fluidlines: Blitz & Glitz, Waveline, Siahi, Shade and Looking Good. Bought the 267 brush and the Doll Me Up mint colored nail polish. […]

I initially learned from watching my Mom put on her makeup. I loved watching her. When I was a kid, I received a Barbie makeup head for Christmas with her own “makeup”, rollers, brush/comb, everything. I’ve […]

Skin Tone: medium dark neutral/golden undertones.

What color do you feel you wear best? Warm sunset colors ( bronze, gold, red, orange, etc) and jewel tones ( purple, green, blue, etc). At makeup counters […]

Rant: I’m allergic to the color Blackest Black in their mascaras (boo) and some of the more recent Color Tattoo products are too drying.

Rave: I love the Buffs lipstick collection and I like the Lash Discovery […]

Very pretty on you Christine! Too bad they’re not released yet. This treat would look very nice in my Easter basket.

Peach is one of my favorite shades (NC50). My lipstick faves include Nars Isola Bella, UD Naked 2, Maybelline Truffle Tease, and Mac has several: Freckletone, Touch, Yash, Cozy Up, Peachstock, Style Surge…

It is. I’m NC50 medium dark. It’s a nice transitional shade to wear this time of the year.

I agree with you. I bought Clinique Stay Matte foundation last summer and hated it. In fact, it’s the worst foundation I’ve tried in the past 10 years. Retuned it asap. I’m NC50. I had “Golden something” lol.

My basic workhorse neutrals I use as a base. My more colorful or unique cream eyeshadows I wear alone with a dusting of translucent powder to minimize creasing. My current favorites are Giorgio Armani Maestro […]

My favorite yellow and orange e/s are the Sugarpill’s – Buttercup and Flamepoint respectively. Matte and durable. They are 2 of my favorites, especially in the summer.

MUFE for an excellent range of neutrals for Everybody regardless of skintone and undertone. I have cool and warm toned neutrals from the new formulation and I love them. Also the e/s texture and duration is […]

I agree, Bamboo is so nice and under appreciated. I’ve almost hit pan because I use it 2-3 times a week. Definitely a universal color!

I agree with you Christine. I recently went to the MUFE store to buy an extra large case for my shadows. The extra large cases were sold out but I ended up buying 3 more e/s! My new purchase included a […]

Opal is cool toned, but it creates a wonderful sheen on dark skin. I use a fan brush and apply very lightly. I love golds and coppers, but Opal is a nice diversion (ha,ha).

Medium dark Mac NC50
Favorite coral lipstick: Mac’s Style Surge and Estée Lauder Defiant Coral.
Favorite pink blush: Nars Dolce Vita
Favorite brow bone highlighter: Mac’s Bamboo.

Great post Christine. I’m a NC50 for reference. I own the pressed powders in Opal, Champagne Gold and Copper. I recently got the poured versions in Rose Gold and Topaz. Didn’t realize I had so many! I like a […]

I like to do both. Case in point – today I went to Sephora solely to window shop and confirm some items I was stalking online for weeks. Many of the items I reviewed online did not complement my skintone at all […]

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