Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/neutral with long, thick, colored brunette hair

How often do you wash your hair? “Don’t wash your hair every day! Wash your hair as infrequently as possible! I haven’t washed […]

Foundation! I used to hate the feeling of it on my face. Now I’m a foundation nut.

Haul: Urban Decay blush in Bang and eyeshadows in Fireball, Riff, Beware, Dive Bar, and Backfire.

Weekend plans: It’s raining here! We have to clear off our balcony so they can power-wash and paint our […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/neutral

Favorite eyeliner to add a pop of color? I don’t wear eyeliner of any color very often, but if I were to, I would probably wear an olive green like Sephora Snakeskin […]

Thanks for the tip, Jade! That sounds like something I could use at night.

Thanks for the tips, Alison! I am going to check out this Moogoo MSM Cream right now!

That’s so stupid they won’t take back expired moisturizer at Lush. I’m giving Lush the side eye right now because […]

I won’t wear fiber mascara or anything on my waterline because I wear contacts and my eyes are sensitive, anything glittery or neon, and pretty much any lipstick or lip gloss.

Haul: Finally got my paws on Urban Decay blush in Rapture!
surratt beauty Artistique Eyeshadow in Ombre
surratt beauty Artistique Eyeshadow in Cuivre
Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Color Field (I […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral undertones

What brand have you been loving most in 2015 so far? NARS Dual Intensity eyeshadows and blushes, Urban Decay blushes, It Cosmetics under eye concealer and […]

First, your eye makeup is beautiful. Thanks for the review! I have a ton of neutral palettes, so I will probably skip this one.

Second, you’re missing an end tag to your italics somewhere in your code because […]

Haul: Sephora Sale-xtravaganza!

MUFE Eyeshadows in Plum and Auburn/Rust
surratt beauty Artistique Blush in Cantaloup
surratt beauty Artistique Eyeshadows in Marron and Haute Chocolate (These are so beautiful […]

Hand lotion! I hate the feeling of lotion so much, but my hands get so dry in the winter that they will turn bright red and the skin will crack and bleed. It’s pretty gruesome. If I could find a hand lotion […]

That would be amazing!

Christine, I was going to ask if you knew this. :-) I saw they were on the UD website, but I still haven’t seen anything on the Sephora website. Rapture blush was on my list!

I know! All the Surratt eyeshadows and blush I wanted are all sold out. Sucks!

You can use it multiple times (at least for VIB Rouges) during the specified dates. Don’t ask me how I know this! :-)

This is so pretty! You look gorgeous, Christine!

Same here! And it’s all too intimidating and the salespeople aren’t very nice. (I know, huge generalization, but that’s been my experience.)

Ditto! Beautypedia is my bible! Sometimes I’ve liked products they don’t recommend, but for the most part, I follow their advice.

“Yay, the vet! …wait, what? …yay, a car ride!”

Haul: With my 20% off Ulta coupon, I got: Algenist Restorative Overnight Cream – I have been subsisting on samples because it’s pretty expensive, but […]

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