Awesome chart Christine! Even though I don’t consider myself a makeup beginner, it’s very helpful xto go through my brushes to see which ones are doing the job or not.

As much as I love Urban Decay, if the trailer is any indicator of what colors will be featured in this palette, I’ll probably won’t be purchasing this palette. I have brown eyes and they always look so “dirty” or […]

Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race. He was my favorite!

If I don’t feel 100% confidence in my makeup job that particular day, I might agree with them. Saying that I was in a rush or I was experimenting. But if it’s a look that I thought I look great in, then I ignore […]

They remind me of NYX Glitter Eyeliners and they swatch similarly too. I wonder if they perform the same.

Even though I’ve had bad luck with lip tars in the past, the fact that I absolutely love Willam is pushing me to get the set regardless!!!

I can’t stand it when anti-aging products are celebrity endorsed but publicly admits on using fillers and botox (which does 90 percent of the heavy lifting)! Annoyed beyond belief!

I was thinking that Endless Pearl was one of those shades that would be great for blending. I use a similar color for my upper crease by Lorac but it’s discounted. I love the matte finish of this shadow.

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