Too cute! This may be the first ever product where the packaging has made me want to get it! (I’ll admit the packaging was an additional draw to me for the UD 15th Anniversary palette and the one Meteorites Voyage […]

This time of year, Vivien for sure (also I love Vivien Leigh!) For polish, probably Orgasm since I’ve been wanting that forever, or maybe I’d just do an ombre with five of them so I don’t have to decide!

This mini-collection was the Fashion’s Night Out release elsewhere in the world, which had very limited distribution, so I doubt it will go on wide release in the US, unless you are counting as mass […]

Yes, as Deborah says above, their actual holiday collection is much more extensive. The ‘Delights’ mini-collection is only a ‘holiday’ release for the US; it was originally the Fashion’s Night Out release (which […]

Um, probably stupid question and you’ve already thought of this, but there are more than one formula of Dr Jart bb cream – have you checked that your sample and your full size are the same version?

My immediate thought would be to combine the teal and gold, but this palette would offer so many possibilities! There are colours in there that I love, and others I’ve never tried, so bright but wearable sounds […]

(also, I can’t resist a good pun, loving the Choupette/Shupette thing!)

(just a heads-up that images 24 through 30 aren’t loading and return a 404 not found screen)

Otherwise, ooh, lots of pretties! Nothing I ‘need’ but I’d like to get one piece just for the pretty kitty, though […]

Yeah, I guesstimated 15-30. but thought I should count before voting, then lost count at somewhere over 50, oops. Turns out I have more than 30 high-end alone, including around 10 Chanel glossimers, and around 10 […]

If you look on the a-England website, there is a button (from memory, bottom left of home page, but I’m not 100% sure) which will tell you who their international distributors are (they are no longer able to ship […]

I can think of two dupes for Quick Million – A-England She Walks in Beauty (from the Heavenly Quotes section) and one of the limited edition Maybelline Colour Show Brocades, Knitted Gold.

I’d love to be -6! My prescription in over -20 in both eyes, including loss of central vision in one eye (myopic macular degeneration.) Realistically, my solution is that I rarely wear eye makeup (I compensate […]

Christine, I really appreciate the unbiased way you show us polish without base or topcoat, so that we can get the best possible idea of what they are really like. However it is undeniable that some […]

They are only available via the website, no matter what country you are in, but they do ship internationally. I am in the UK, and have ordered from them several times with no difficulty :-) Hope that helps!

She doesn’t look malformed to me, she looks Asian. I agree that there has clearly been the usual airbrushing of skin texture etc, but I guess I’m just not seeing what you are seeing.

You can’t walk into a store *anywhere* and pick up RBL polishes, as they are only available through the website. They do ship to most countries, though, certainly including many European ones (that’s how I get […]

Cult Nails Tempest is the best white polish I know :-)

(pardon late reply!) Thank you for highlighting this! I had heard to watch out for plastic glitters in bath bombs etc, but hadn’t thought about plastic microbeads in exfoliators – I will definitely be looking out […]

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