WOW I want every single one of these except the silver!

I really like ud products, but what is up with all the shimmer?

Just to let you know, mac recently changed the b2m rules and pro pans are no longer accepted. Although, your location may still take them because the rules are so arbitrarily applied.

Wow! These are all a hot mess!

They’re really amazing, but I feel your pain. I ordered a bunch of minis recently and didn’t realize I ordered so many similar colors. Having swatches is really helpful. I would recommend several minis to start […]

Eye: mac cranberry
Cheek: nars sin
Lip: mac diva
Nail: any black polish

I just heard from a mac employee that have readjusted their permanent displays to make room for some of these retro mattes. The question is which ones? :(

Oh mac, why do you do this to us, why? I’m reaching my breaking point.

I have brown eyes and love mac cranberry. It’s probably one of my favorite eyeshadows. I like to recreate the look from the apres chic collection promo image: cranberry in the outer half of the eye blended into […]

I’m definitely getting relentlessly red eventually. The other two I have no interest in. I still can’t get over the fact that they made two permanent lipsticks so similar.

I’m really interested in fashion boost liner and flat out fabulous. But the rest will have to wait. All fired up is really warm for fall and fixed on drama doesn’t apply as evenly as I would like. It also looks a […]

Almost certain it’s flat out fabulous and fashion boost liner

It really depends on the formula, but I’ve never had a lip product last through a meal. Ever. I think it’s because I’m a somewhat messy eater, lol.

Oh carbon. How we love to hate it. At least this post reminded me how much I want to try sugarpill bulletproof. Maybe with my next order.

It’s amazing! Its actually one of my faves. I hope you get a chance to try it.

I’m really tempted by this palette, but I already violetta so it’s not a good value for me. I wish the artwork was better. That […]

I actually really like this. Don’t need it though. I’m not into the artwork either.

I’m really loving this collection. It’s on trend, but I think also has wide appeal because of the color selection. I’m looking forward to swatches!

What a thorough and interesting introduction. I actually studied Japanese and always loved exploring the many crafts that come from the country. As for the brushes, they are definitely at the top of my list to try […]

I liked your tips. I really like having one go to neutral blush that will work with anything. Right now it’s tarte’s exposed, but in the future I’m sure I’ll switch it up. I’m hoping to try mac blushbaby next.

I got all six when they came out and they were all a huge miss for me. Probably one of the worst makeup purchases I’ve made. I splurged for the sugarpill pro palette and its a million times better. Of course, I […]

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