do these smell like mint like the lip tars? i hate mint scented products and that’s why i never bought the lip tars but these are so pretty!

FYI for Canadian ladies, this collection is at Holt Renfrew. been there for a couple weeks now. i picked up sunrise and it’s gorg.

how does this compare with chanel inspiration? it’s my fav blush ever that i got cause of your review! love those chanel cream blushes!

not worth it IMO! i bought a TF lippie back in the day and it turned waxy smelling after only a year. saw it at the estee lauder company stores later and realized it’s just pretty packaged MAC quality at $$$ […]

love the mix on you! i’m sad i can’t wear lip tars. i hate the mint scent.

i’m disappointed for a few reasons. first i already own a few of the shades, second the shades are not the same quality as the singles (don’t understand why?) and there aren’t any real new shades in this palette. […]

OMG can we stop with orgasm and laguna? who seriously don’t own these by now? and everytime a new palette comes out, this is all people complain about. do they honestly not know?

and would it kill them to put a […]

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