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Heavy green eye on my green eyes . Coral earthy look. I sure dig todays Wet & Wild. SUCH a far cry from what It was when I was young!

I generally wear a pretty heavy eye…but I tried to go for a more natural look here…and still use my beloved purple and burgandys.

Just a few looks and the magic that allows the canvas of my ‘face’ to accept the artistry of make-up with a little more ease. My skin care. For all you young gals out there I can NOT stress the importance of this enough!!! Cleanse and moisturize morning and night WITHOUT FAIL. SPF WITHOUT FAIL. And take it from a mature woman, MASK! It doesnt…[Read more]

On my downtime from work, I just play with my make-up, just like the long-gone teen I was was. Except now? I have an artist worthy Hair WAS by Chaz Dean and my own essential oil blend-but then I got snowed on-and it went to Goody (as in, wrapped in a messy bun in Stila’s HD Stay-All-Day 10 in 1 BB .(LOVE LOVE the stuff.…[Read more]