I waited a long time for an Ulta to come to my town and when it did, I was not really impressed. It is across the street from a Target where I can reliably get the drugstore end products. Not so at the Ulta. […]

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Well I guess my rant is more about my Ulta than the actual NYX product line. The display is so picked over with huge gaps where products might have been. What items are left have been “used” by customers […]

I just keep out on my vanity the products that are currently in my rotation. The rest of the stash is out of sight in drawers in another room. I routinely rotate products in and out though. I like rediscovering […]

A creamy warm orange red with a subtle sheen.

Marc Jacobs, Clarins, Clinique and Benefit….for starters :)

skin tone: very light olive
color I wear best: neutrals and red/orange lipstick
color least flattering: blue toned reds and cool pinks
No, I have not found a way to make these colors work. I just avoid them.


I have several including a pricey MAC one which is flat and definitely lays down too much foundation.
I get my best results now with the Sonia Kashuk No. 04 synthetic flat top multi-purpose brush. It is very […]

I make my decision based on what my day holds for me and then, what I plan on wearing for the day. I’ll choose a foundation based on the weather usually. If it is very dry out I will pick a lighter liquid […]

An oldie goldie: MAC’s Taupe (matte) in the large pan. I will never use it up because it is so big and I have had it forever. Still works, still looks good. My grab and go for all over the lid. Bobbie Brown’s […]

It depends, of course, on where I am traveling to and how long I will be gone. When I go to visit my daughter in D.C., I am comfortable enough to take some of my good brushes in my carry on. When I must stay in […]

I don’t think I actually have a single EL product in my “collection”. I would like to try some of their double wear eye pencils, however. Years ago, I must have had some EL things but they are long gone now and […]

Yet another useless product.

I vary my night time products depending on how my dry, rosacea afflicted skin feels. My cleansing routine stays the same though. If I am wearing make up, I remove with a DHC cleansing oil and a soft wash cloth, […]

I will either use one of the Garden of Wisdom’s gentle cleansers or just a warm wet washcloth. I follow with my Skin Actives rosacea serum, then Skin Actives collagen cream. Then, always a sunscreen. I have been […]

Why or why do these high end companies put these things out without better product testing? I don’t know what we would do without your reviews, Christine. I guess we would be making a lot of costly mistakes. Thank you!


I am a perfumista and thus I have now a very large collection. I have a signature scent which I have worn since high school and I alternate that with scents from my collection. Most of my bottles never get used, […]

Oops…that went flying off before I finished my rant. The point is: make sure the makeup performs before releasing it on the public. MAC is a perfect example of this problem. They throw so many “collections” […]

I am pretty forgiving of drugstore brands but if I get a dud from a high end brand I would be reluctant to ever buy a make up product from them again. With the resources behind them, there is no reason for a […]

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