I admit that I have never purchased a NARS product, but have received some freebies of blush and lip product, and they have not tempted me to purchase. That being said, I would like to try the dual intensity […]

I just do not get excited about these cutesy little makeup palettes now that I am no longer in my teens or twenties.

Tom Ford is now at the top of my list too, followed by Chanel, and maybe even Chantecaille.

I purchased this as “spellbound” but I barley used it. It was too shimmery for my taste. I am anxious, however, to hear reviews about the new Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in “Sunset pink” And I do like Chanel’s […]

I have to say lips. There are so many great colors and formulas to accentuate– decorate them with! Although I get the most compliments about my eyes. They are sooooo artificially blue, and sometimes green.

I ‘ve gotten more complements on the “eat cake” shade than any other that I own.

They look so cool! But I feel guilty buying the 28$ Chanel polish. I am definitely not ready to shell out 50 for this tiny bottle of paint, which is marketed more like an object of art.

I have a few products from TF. The Nude Dip was my first. Love it! I have a few of the Boys and Lips and of course, the latest Golden Peach shadow duo and pink glow palette (so happy with that one)– Love them! […]

TF all the way. I just purchased my 5th TF product– the pink glow palette for summer (after your great review) and I’m in love with it!

I really like the color on you. It is very natural looking, but better. I own a few of these too. I like the shine, but the formula is not great. Also, although I like the scent of roses, I prefer not to have it on my lips

Yew, its pricey. Im sorry that you were so disappointed, but I have the “Pink Sunset” version, and I am quite happy with it.

I’ve been using this for a week. Love it! Missed the holiday LE powder, so i didn’t want to miss this one! Chanel does great powder!

I use my local Ulta for picking up Zoya and China glaze polishes ( but Sally Beauty is much better for China Glaze ) and higher end hair products, and for eye brow waxing services. I have appreciated their points […]

I have high hopes for this collection! I think I need the highlighter, all of the polishes ( their polishes are so pricey, but the LEs are usually great and in short supply– TF is not the only one who can play […]

I really disliked the LM “paint wash” lip gloss this year, although it got some good reviews. Come to think of it, I have not tried anything in the Laura Mercier brand this past year that I have found interesting […]

I would like to mention that I ordered this was the first time I have ordered from the Dior website. The items were delivered quickly, free of shipping charges, and elegantly wrapped and boxed. I also love the […]

I already have 2 of the items: Tie dye blush in Pink Sunset ( a light coral pink, for a subtle blush better suited to lighter skin tones) and fuchsia utopia tie dye lipstick ( a sheer but bright popsicle pink on […]

Thank you for the reviews! I think I will be skipping these. I ‘ve only ordered the golden peach shadow duo so far, and am still on the fence about the palette. It looks beautiful on you, but I’m not sure I could […]

Oh, NOW this one is my favorite! I hope that you will also review the lipsticks and also your final “report card”

I just purchased a couple of items from the Dior summer Tie Dye collection, and am excited to try them out. ( the promo pics were so enticing!) They arrived yesterday, perfectly wrapped and boxed really fancy! […]

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