At one time, I had quite the collection of these.(bronze, apricot, rose, beige,wild rose, sandstone,gold and a holiday party version) Then I took a break!. I recently purchased the latest one ,”Sunset Pink” I was […]

Oh, and I cannot look at another nude brown palette !

The blackened green polish and the red one, are definite, for me.I do not wear Khaki make up well , so I’ll pass on the quad. I recently started wearing their gloss (corset from the last mini collection) and […]

Several years ago, one of my favorite brands, but the last couple of years, many disappointing collections and disappointing palettes! Too bad, her SAs are some of the sweetest!

At first, I thought “Nah” but after reading about the offerings on several sites, I think I need the highlighter duo– before it runs out, like everything else Tom Ford. Wow. They have some great handbags on their […]

The blush is beautiful on you. Are any of the eyeshadow shades new or exclusive to this palette? I recognize most of the names. And the design of it is very familiar.
In years past, I remember many of the Nord […]

I own a blush and bronzer and the powder palette, but Im not so fond of the blush, the color payoff is not great. I’ll be skipping this. Any news about Tom Ford’s fall collection yet??

I admit that I have never purchased a NARS product, but have received some freebies of blush and lip product, and they have not tempted me to purchase. That being said, I would like to try the dual intensity […]

I just do not get excited about these cutesy little makeup palettes now that I am no longer in my teens or twenties.

Tom Ford is now at the top of my list too, followed by Chanel, and maybe even Chantecaille.

I purchased this as “spellbound” but I barley used it. It was too shimmery for my taste. I am anxious, however, to hear reviews about the new Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in “Sunset pink” And I do like Chanel’s […]

I have to say lips. There are so many great colors and formulas to accentuate– decorate them with! Although I get the most compliments about my eyes. They are sooooo artificially blue, and sometimes green.

I ‘ve gotten more complements on the “eat cake” shade than any other that I own.

They look so cool! But I feel guilty buying the 28$ Chanel polish. I am definitely not ready to shell out 50 for this tiny bottle of paint, which is marketed more like an object of art.

I have a few products from TF. The Nude Dip was my first. Love it! I have a few of the Boys and Lips and of course, the latest Golden Peach shadow duo and pink glow palette (so happy with that one)– Love them! […]

TF all the way. I just purchased my 5th TF product– the pink glow palette for summer (after your great review) and I’m in love with it!

I really like the color on you. It is very natural looking, but better. I own a few of these too. I like the shine, but the formula is not great. Also, although I like the scent of roses, I prefer not to have it on my lips

Yew, its pricey. Im sorry that you were so disappointed, but I have the “Pink Sunset” version, and I am quite happy with it.

I’ve been using this for a week. Love it! Missed the holiday LE powder, so i didn’t want to miss this one! Chanel does great powder!

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I use my local Ulta for picking up Zoya and China glaze polishes ( but Sally Beauty is much better for China Glaze ) and higher end hair products, and for eye brow waxing services. I have appreciated their points […]

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