TF all the way. I just purchased my 5th TF product– the pink glow palette for summer (after your great review) and I’m in love with it!

I really like the color on you. It is very natural looking, but better. I own a few of these too. I like the shine, but the formula is not great. Also, although I like the scent of roses, I prefer not to have it on my lips

Yew, its pricey. Im sorry that you were so disappointed, but I have the “Pink Sunset” version, and I am quite happy with it.

I’ve been using this for a week. Love it! Missed the holiday LE powder, so i didn’t want to miss this one! Chanel does great powder!

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I use my local Ulta for picking up Zoya and China glaze polishes ( but Sally Beauty is much better for China Glaze ) and higher end hair products, and for eye brow waxing services. I have appreciated their points […]

I have high hopes for this collection! I think I need the highlighter, all of the polishes ( their polishes are so pricey, but the LEs are usually great and in short supply– TF is not the only one who can play […]

I really disliked the LM “paint wash” lip gloss this year, although it got some good reviews. Come to think of it, I have not tried anything in the Laura Mercier brand this past year that I have found interesting […]

I would like to mention that I ordered this was the first time I have ordered from the Dior website. The items were delivered quickly, free of shipping charges, and elegantly wrapped and boxed. I also love the […]

I already have 2 of the items: Tie dye blush in Pink Sunset ( a light coral pink, for a subtle blush better suited to lighter skin tones) and fuchsia utopia tie dye lipstick ( a sheer but bright popsicle pink on […]

Thank you for the reviews! I think I will be skipping these. I ‘ve only ordered the golden peach shadow duo so far, and am still on the fence about the palette. It looks beautiful on you, but I’m not sure I could […]

Oh, NOW this one is my favorite! I hope that you will also review the lipsticks and also your final “report card”

I just purchased a couple of items from the Dior summer Tie Dye collection, and am excited to try them out. ( the promo pics were so enticing!) They arrived yesterday, perfectly wrapped and boxed really fancy! […]

Thanks. I cannot decide between this duo, or the bronze duo. (I have the nude dip quad already)

So, if you could splurge on just one of these duos, Chistine, which would it be?

How do these shades compare to Chanel’s Emerveille shadow ?

ooohhh! Pretty. But I have a feeling I should wait for your reviews! I like the cream blush and the naked dip lip color. I will keep my fingers crossed!

The photo is beautiful. I would like to know exactly which products in the collection were used to create that look.

I love luminous light powder (I am on my 3rd one) but I was less thrilled by the blush palette, so I think I shall wait for your reviews!

I just love the name “Metallic Macaron”, and may have to buy it just for that!

I don’t know If I can narrow it down to 3, but the summer collections of Chanel and Dior are forcing me to save up my dough. Im hoping that they do not disappoint!

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