That sounds really pretty Lizzi, I have UD Backfire and Ether on my wishlist. I love the UD Ether 24/7 eyeliner pencil on the lower lash line, it’s become my favorite!

I just have to say that the abundant, fresh, and succulent fruits in season are probably my favorite part of summer!!! (Sorry for the mistakes…above)

I just have to say that abundant, fresh, and succulent fruits in season are my probably my favorite part of summer!!!

I do buy backups of HG products that I know I will use up regularly, preferably on sale 😉

Your eye look is gorgeous!!!

IDK if “Ultra Matte” is synonymous with ultra dry, but most of them look almost painfully dry on the lips IMHO. That alone makes them a pass for me. Bonus points to ColourPop for price point, and a great color […]

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The original Beauty Blender is the only one I’ve used. I find that I rarely use it, and it has started leaving tiny pink “crumbs” on my face, so that’s no good. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.

I […]

Infamous seems like a great, everyday – goes with most anything type of shade that would suit most cool to warm skin tones. I always find it harder than I would think to find that type of shade. Kind of like my […]

I have, and love all of those shades in other brands, but I still think it’s nice to see high-end do duochromes, and I think the bottles and packaging (which isn’t shown here), is beautiful. Just because I […]


I love ALL of the colors in this collection! I’d wear Debutant with a light peachy pink blush and turquoise eyeliner.

Great comparison post! Thank you Christine!!! :)

I love most of the It Cosmetics brushes. They’re really well made, don’t shed, and are very soft. I also have a set of 4 different mini kabuki brushes I think they’re by Eco Tools – an Alicia Silverstone special […]

That will be fun! Hope you get to do that!

So that’s why I couldn’t get #5!

I’m over stalking Sephora to try and snag one of their Ltd Ed Lip Lab lipsticks. They’ve done a really poor job re their release and availability. I’m sure they’re trying to […]

I love that it’s cooler overall, seems to be without glitter bombs, has more mattes and satins AND a purple. The brush looks nice too, however, I have dupes for most of these shades and find myself wearing dark […]

Boba; so pretty!!!

Want. Love. Both.

I change blushes daily as I rarely do the same m/u two days in a row, but I guess if I had to choose the most used, because they are some of my oldest are BB Powder Pink (discontinued) and in the spring and summer […]

NARS Zen is my favorite contour too!
(My coloring is fair to light cool/pink NW15-20.)

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