NARS tinted moisturizer

I look 10 years older with it!

The same on me. And I cannot stand their smells!

Clinique and Bobbi Brown?

Apart from brushes, it would be my Armani sheer bronzer.

It is so subtle, you can hardly say I used a bronzer, but it changes my face and every time I use it, I get complimented about my skin! I love the […]

My priority goes to multi-taskers, fuss-free and long-lasting products.

I think of the purpose of the trip and plan the main pieces of cloths I want to wear – then pick matching make-up. For example, I will […]

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I love MAC waterproof too, including the brush!


I am hypersensitive when it comes to fragrances, so it is my number one criteria when it comes to cosmetics and skincare products.

I bought my first Rouge G (Gisela), after ages of longing for it and believing it would be my HG. I am so disappointed! I love the colour, but the transfers is over average. And what is even worse is that it dries […]

Mine was a pink drugstore lipstick and then a transparent lip gloss with mint smell. And a small cosmetics bag to wear them with me wherever I go.

sheer lipstick and tinted moisturizer/ CC

In my case, searching for a HG is my main driver for trying new products! Once I find a HG for some type of product, I stick to it, or just try more shades.

I have strong yellow undertones too, but no orange, and I cannot find the right shade of foundation. What works for me well are some CCs, e.g. MAC prep-prime CC in yellow – I can use it on its own instead of a […]

skintone: very light olive (neutral to cool, green undertone)

most flattering: olives, plums, brick red, jewells, any muted colours

least flattering: mustard yellow, peaches, corals, any brights other than […]

Long-lasting non-drying formulas.

Sheer lipsticks.

Olives, plums, brick reds.

The same criteria as Christine, but I prefer sheer/ low pigmented blushes, because I have really fair skin and moderate or highly pigmented blushes are difficult for me to work with if I am not going to carnival.

In the bathroom. I love that it has a lot of natural light. Also, I like applying makeup with my fingers, and I tend to wash my hands a few times through the makeup application, so any place other than bathroom is […]

I love it too, thanks Christine!

“Sort out why you are frowning so much and reduce it.

Perhaps it is just a bad habit, perhaps you should see your eye doctor, or try to change something in your life to feel like frowning less often. You can […]

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I like their packaging and design, the clasic glamour of it. My favourite Chanel product is the lipliner.

I do not like that everything is so heavily scented, which si the main reason why I neither try much […]

Rant: the smell of most of their products, especially foundations. The dryness of many lipsticks and stickiness of many glosses. The horrible light in the shops. The incompetence of some of their MUAs. And, most […]

I quite believe that I know pretty well what shade I need, but it so difficult to find it! Sometimes I think the shade is completely ignored by producers, while I know I am not the only one who seeks it: the more […]

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