Come’on Sephora, really? Waiting with this to the last day of the sale, after we’ve already bought a bunch of stuff and can’t really buy anymore AND pay rent? (oh great, now I can’t get the Rent […]

Not loving the packaging, but the eyeshadow palette has potential… or are they going to screw up a few of the most amazing eyeshadows they have in the permanent line? I wouldn’t put that past them…

Did you try giving them a call?
Plus, there is double cashback on Ebates…

It took HOURS, but I finally got my Sephora VIB order in :)

Ding-ding-ding! Found my holiday palette, finally. So happy I held out and didn’t buy those blushes in full size form…
Thanks for the review Christine!

I’m sooo in love with these, can’t wait to get my hands on some! And to top it all, they are fragrance free, which is so hard to find!

You make everything looks so darn wearable, I might actually get it :) Still waiting on my Melted Coral to arrive, to see if the formula won’t break me out…

Hi Christine,

The Marc Jacobs link is broken (and looking at the shade range, I can’t find it). Other than than, can you photograph the ingredient list? I can’t find it anywhere…

Thanks for the great work, as always!

Hi Christine,

The links lead to Essie polishes, which are 8.5$, but Zoya’s are up to 9$. Btw, I owe you for bringing Zoya into my life, so thanks :)

Oh Christine, I couldn’t agree with you more – this collection is SUCH a disappointment…

Gotta say, this might be the first time the packaging makes me want to get something :)

Gotta get Mirage… Christine, are these limited edition? Thanks!

Christine, are these really permanent?

Thanks Quinctia!

I’m new to Zoya so I had no idea : And I just missed the promotion they had a few weeks ago.. ah well, next time I suppose.

Thanks Christine!

I didn’t know that, so I went ahead and ordered Rue, Brigitte and Odette :)

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