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Hard to review a product I both love and hate. The color is an unassuming ‘office wear’ color that can be described as ‘my lips but better’ shade. For me it was a lipstick that made my face brighter and livelier without any effort–color is a browned rose or as Benefit describes it “cinnamon-rose” in a creme finish w/o shimmer or sparkle. On me it…[Read more]

Good multitasking product–cheek or lip stain in a see through bottle, reminds me of a nail polish packaging complete w/ a brush applicator under the screw top. Formula is essentially a rose-water scented liquid in a deep pinky-red color that gives a natural looking flush to the cheeks. Shimmer free, it looks very ‘no-makeup’, as in ‘I just…[Read more]

This a product you either love or hate–which one will depend on the climate of where you happen to live, or season of the year in temperate regions. Wax based formula is very temperature dependent in how well it performs: in summer time it glides on and melts into skin performing as it should–brightening and highlighting (with subtle shimmer).…[Read more]

First things first, I have combination skin and no eyeshadow last on me—good primer is essential to any eye makeup. “Stay Don’t Stray” fell in my hands as a sample in a mini sized ‘gloss’ tube, complete with small but functional doe foot wand. Formula had a distinct concealer-like tint that was a touch too dark (and orange) on my pale skin;…[Read more]

Great all around mascara for everyday–big fat brush, no clumping, rich dark color–Bad, Bad Black. It does not last for 15 hours but it doesn’t melt on my skin either. Dry formula leaves lashes full and stiff so its prone to minor flaking by end of day. An issue at multiple coats or if I to touch my eyelashes when using eye-drops.
For me Opulash…[Read more]

Great natural looking mascara, leaves lashes soft and defined. Not for oily types, as it does smudge big time on my combination skin. Higher end version of Maybelline’s Full and Soft–both are great products, just not for me.
Big brush applicator is densely packed and works great on long eyelashes–no clumps, no spider eyelashes here. Smooth…[Read more]