I would wear the lipstick “Claudia” with the polish “Black Room.”

I’d wear the warm colors in a gradient or ombre fashion, and on other days I would do the same with the cool colors. I could also learn how to use contrasting colors in the same look.

I am curious about the lip products in the color festival palette.

I would use the gift card towards the Tria hair removal laser. I would still have to put some of my own money towards it, but this would help for sure.

I would use the first coppery-orange color to complement my blue eyes. I love that this palette includes some very light-colored highlight shadows. Most of the palettes I own do not include highlights that are […]

I love smoked honey. It is not as fun as pink honey, but it is generally more work-appropriate. Smoked honey also looks somewhat easy to achieve.

My favorite beauty tip is to use retinol at night. No matter what age we are, we can all begin to prevent or reduce the signs of aging.

How you would wear the product: I would wear the lightest eye shadow color as a cheek highlighter.

My beauty tip is retinol. I began using it at 24 so that I prevent any signs of aging and reduce the worry lines on my forehead. I cannot resist: my second beauty tip is bangs for girls like me (or guys) who have […]

I would wear the reddish color “WTF” on my lid and crease and a bit of the blackish “oddfellow” in the crease for contrast. This would be a great look with a red dress for a Christmas party.

I am most excited about 8% double cash back at Tarte Cosmetics. Plus, today through 12/1, Tarte has 25% most items with code TURKEY.

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