I especially love PoolSide and Skinny Dip on you. I need to put in a order for some ColourPop. Their shades do not disappoint!

Daring looks great on you! I’ve wanted a true orange, but I wonder if I could pull it off? Worth a look

I exchanged a product about 2 weeks ago, but other than that, I don’t usually return things. Honestly, I just want to exchange it for a different shade that not so dark on me! But I bought this more than 6 months […]

I believe I swatched this one and two others when I was trying to decide which shade to purchase. I asked the MUA at Sephora for his recommendation and he felt strongly about Luminous Light. I went with his […]

Of course the shade I’m most interested is Olivine that got the C+. I may go and swatch it anyway and see. I wish they had Chanel at my Sephora so I could get a sample. Do you remember Laura Mercier Storm that you […]

Yes, me too, curious about the “rainbow” aspect! Can hardly wait for swatches etc.

Love the bottles and the scents sound heavenly. Wish floral and fruity scents worked with my body chemistry, but alas it isn’t so

Although I’m a fan of Dior mascara, I’ve never tried the shadows. Although a few of these color combos appeal to me and I like that they’re a mix of matte and shimmer, the compacts themselves, especially for $62, […]

So far, I have passed on these. I think they are very pretty. However, I don’t really like the tapered handle, and I can see the handle showing fingerprints and the lovely white bristles getting discolored in a […]

I’ve heard good things about this brand of brushes, but the weasel hair put me off a bit. Truth be told, they’re out of my price range, but I am taken by the shapes of a number of them.

More bad news!

Oh no, this collection is starting to look like a failure!

I’m not a bronzer person so these wouldn’t be on my list, however, other products in the Wash & Dry collection are. I hope the quality is better in the rest of the collection than these two

OMG, I love the look of this collection. Just the packaging alone is getting me. I may have to get Morange coz I really want a real orange. And the highlighter/blush compact is just right for me.

How beautiful! Are they duochromes or single-tone shimmers?

Why do these rose gold illuminators speak to me so?? They are so darn pretty, but then I’m not wearing my Becca Rose Gold. I don’t even know where it went, lol.

In spite of the fact that the look you created is gorgeous, I haven’t had great luck with cream shadows in a tube. I haven’t found any that blend well. And I find them drying on my already dry eyelids. But that […]

I love these summer shades. And I had good luck with the regular ones. I wish they came out with a summer LE set of minis. I would love that.

Very pretty. Do you know if this is a stand-alone veil from Josie Maran or are there other shades? It’s lovely on you, but I think it would be too warm on me. That said, why aren’t I wearing my Hourglass Veil more […]

Unless I’m asleep at the switch I always wear primer so that wouldn’t stop me from getting this palette. I really adore anaconda and aubergine but I can’t buy the palette for two shades. I really have to learn how […]

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