How beautiful! Are they duochromes or single-tone shimmers?

Why do these rose gold illuminators speak to me so?? They are so darn pretty, but then I’m not wearing my Becca Rose Gold. I don’t even know where it went, lol.

In spite of the fact that the look you created is gorgeous, I haven’t had great luck with cream shadows in a tube. I haven’t found any that blend well. And I find them drying on my already dry eyelids. But that […]

I love these summer shades. And I had good luck with the regular ones. I wish they came out with a summer LE set of minis. I would love that.

Very pretty. Do you know if this is a stand-alone veil from Josie Maran or are there other shades? It’s lovely on you, but I think it would be too warm on me. That said, why aren’t I wearing my Hourglass Veil more […]

Unless I’m asleep at the switch I always wear primer so that wouldn’t stop me from getting this palette. I really adore anaconda and aubergine but I can’t buy the palette for two shades. I really have to learn how […]

Beautiful look, Christine! The blush looks perfect with your shadows and lips. I’ve heard such great things about the new blushes and now your A. I wish I wasn’t so devoted to cream and stick blushes, but I am.

Yes, surprising that the two shades are more different. But they look beautiful on you.

Although I said earlier today, as a matter of fact, that I didn’t feel the need to buy a Tarte palette, this one really appeals to me: the round shape, the neutral shadows, the peach blush. Though I certainly […]

A very nice palette for Tarte lovers. The Matte-licious palette that I bought last year was so powdery that I don’t find myself reaching for it too often, so I’ve been afraid to buy another palette from Tarte. I’m […]

OMG, love your eye makeup but each and everyone of those Bite Beauty lip glosses is a disaster! I expect so much more from that brand. Another failure!

The shades are great and they look fabulous with your beautiful eye makeup. Love the eye look you created for this post!

I love the idea of Cream Lipstick but the $36 price tag is giving me a problem. I’m planning to pick up the LE dual-ended lippie in Tangerine & something else to add to my collection from the holidays. At $12, […]

Wow, this is a huge product line! I wonder if it’ll make it to the small Sephora at the mall near me! Love the look of the lippie packaging. Pricey and very interesting. Looking forward to your thoughts & […]

Since they’re more emollient and less pigmented, I might actually be able to wear these. I may see if Sephora is willing to make a sample for me. I love the look of Macaron, and I also loved Tu-Tu that you modeled for us :)

I like the metallic look. In fact, I like Metallic Peony better than the regular Peony I own. And I really love Metallic Tu-tu. I don’t know what it is in the formula that makes it drying on me, but I wish I did […]

The swatches look quite similar wet and dry. I’d be curious to see what the deeper shades look like if you get more of them. Pretty but not special enough to tempt me at that price, I don’t think.

What is an “amplified finish”? I am not familiar with that term.

Thank you for the reviews and the swatches! These looked so beautiful in the bullets, but what a shame that they can settle into lines, be drying etc. Is it the lustre finish that makes them so disappointing?


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