So many shades to choose from. I love the sound of the “lightweight gel” formula. I need to check these out!

Stunning color! I need to branch out and try something out of my comfort zone like this. And your description of the consistency really sounds great

They had me at cream shadows. Looking forward to the swatches

I tend to like these lighter neutral shades, and I love the design of the palette. But at $32 for the palette, I think I could do better. Many of the shades in your swatches just didn’t show up at all. I’d like to […]

Very pretty and a good size! Thanks for the reminder to go into the Ted Baker store next time I’m in Boston. I’ve never checked it out!

Wow, now those are some impressive ratings (on all but one)! And I love the parrot inspired eye look that you created with them. The shades are gorgeous, though sadly too bright for me.

I think I wish I were Canadian. Very pretty shades for fall. And I’ve always wanted to try their lip mask and with maple syrup, it sounds great

I need to swatch this one and the pinky peach one. It looks so pretty on your skin. The gold shimmer doesn’t look like it’s too much. I don’t need a blush that lasts 16 hours so I’m sure 8-10 would be fine.

Will you be reviewing and rating this palette? I love the shades but the swatches look patchier than I would have expected.

Oh no! Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant the light shade didn’t show up in your swatch

ClaretLuxe #1 definitely isn’t showing up so 1/3 of the shadows are working. But I’ll be eager to see your reviews of some of the other trios. MAC is underrepresented in my stash, so I was thinking about these.

I think the Love Flush is for me. I need this heart-shaped blush for my heart-shaped collection, and I don’t like a super-pigmented blush so it’ll work for me

I like the original HD Velvet Mat, but I wasn’t able to find a really good match. In the meantime, I like the NARS Luminous Weightless All Day Foundation but I couldn’t find a good color match in that line either. […]

Oh, boo! I’m such a big fan of cream and cream sticks. The shades are lovely, but too bad they’re so patchy and don’t wear well. Oh well, $ saved.

Ohmigoodness, this shade of red just calls to me every time. I just wish I had better luck with NARS lipsticks. They dry the heck out of my lips. But I still enjoy reading the reviews and looking at this gorgeous shade on you

I love Bite Beauty and the deeper shades in this new collection looking stunning. Looking forward to your review!

I need another blush like I need a hole in the head, but I can’t resist these heart-shaped cuties. I Will Always Love You looks like the one 😉

Unless this was really meant to be starter makeup, I wonder why they bothered coming out with so many shades that all the basically the same on the lips? I know Maybelline has plenty of money for consumer testing, […]

Gee, these look more interesting than your run of the mill Sephora palette. Nice

I like Lorac shadows and I like mattes, but other than the pink mauve shade, I don’t need these. I guess I just saved $28

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