I love Bite Beauty and the deeper shades in this new collection looking stunning. Looking forward to your review!

I need another blush like I need a hole in the head, but I can’t resist these heart-shaped cuties. I Will Always Love You looks like the one 😉

Unless this was really meant to be starter makeup, I wonder why they bothered coming out with so many shades that all the basically the same on the lips? I know Maybelline has plenty of money for consumer testing, […]

Gee, these look more interesting than your run of the mill Sephora palette. Nice

I like Lorac shadows and I like mattes, but other than the pink mauve shade, I don’t need these. I guess I just saved $28

What a review! Actually, the scores that you gave this shadows in this palette was what I was hoping for in the new Dark Matte Palette. I would like to get a second Viseart palette to have along with the Neutral […]

Ooooh, I hadn’t heard about this new palette. As a matte queen, I will have to get this at some point. I’m sad that the gorgeous plum gets a C rating (and also the brown), but I would probably chance it anyway.

I really like Eat Cake but I probably wouldn’t spend that much on a sheer lippie. I don’t know why I feel like it’s not worth it for the sheer ones, but I do 😉

Love the look you did with the palette. Too bad Tornado gets a C coz that’s the most beautiful shade, and I didn’t get it first time around Nevertheless, the palette seems to me to be a good value especially, as […]

I know I’ll be picking up at least one of the heart-shaped blushes to add to my hearts collection. They are very cute

Thanks, Christine. I didn’t realize that at all. No one other than you has mentioned that they were creams in their reviews, and I’ve never seen an embossed cream before. Now I must get some! tyvvm

I didn’t realize these were cream shadows. I thought they were embossed powders. Hmmm

Oh, those metals look really pretty. So does the matte palette, but then I probably have fairly similar shades in my Viseart Neutral Matte Palette. Eager to read your review of the metals

Viseart’s palettes are gorgeous. I am enjoying the Neutral Matte palette. The new palette looks beautiful, but I keep eying the Paris Nudes because I would love Saint Germain, Vendome and, I think, Jeu de Paume […]

I’ve gotta go to a store and just buy one of these. Ah which shade to choose? I love the look of the packaging and all the shades look great. I’m glad they’re getting good ratings.

I thought I was going to pass on this palette because the eye looks in the teaser ad look so dark, but seeing your swatches, I’ve completely changed my mind. So many pretty metallic shades to love, and I like the […]

I’ve never worn any Clarins makeup I don’t think. But I must say, I love the look of this palette. It has many of my favorite shades. I am a sucker for those peaches, pinks and greens. Since I don’t have a lot of […]

Thanks for reminding me to use these! Even though they’re in a glass jar on my vanity, I forget about shadow singles. Maybe I’ll use champagne and khaki tonight!

Amazing shades! Orange is so hard to wear but you’re rockin’ it. Love all three shades, but A-Go-Go is so modern. Love it on you, Christine

Definitely of interest to me! All those pretty matte shades that I can choose from!!

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