Guerlain Terra Inca Highlighter… Already hit the pan in the center gloden color, there’s only the pink remaining.
It was the only Guerlain summer product that wasn’t too orangy for me, or too dark, I use it as […]

I can’t stand Patchouli! put a drop of it in any perfume mix, and I hate it! Really makes me want to run away.
I also hate some sort of sweat smell: mostly on mature or old men, bald and oily head skin, it’s a […]

Destin is a beautiful colour, but those brush strokes! It’s a miss for me… And Galaxie instantly made me think of OPI Diva of Geneva…

I always go back to the same brands… but never counted them!
Make Up For Ever and Guerlain are my absolute all time favourites, Clinique and Chanel for some products, and I recently added Benefit and Urban […]

I too see most scents turn odd like soap on my skin, but not fragrance-like, rather like Savon de Marseille! Yerk! Especially all the limited editions summery fruity fresh fragrances that smell soooo good in the […]

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in #19 Fuchsia in Rage! I saw it in a Lisa Eldridge video tutorial and was fond of the colour. I was expecting bright lips and a nice sheen. It is quite a bright, luminous and joyful […]

Hoop and flavour look nice, but… just nice! Nothing to die for, all shades already seen except pour Glam! I think it’s the only iconic item worth voting for…
The eyeshadows are just dull, sad neutral shades, […]

Tanks à lot to you! those previous comments made me feel so old ! But I’m only 40 next month, and in the 90’s, when I first entered a MAC store, I was in collège, and not able to spend that much money on […]

I’d pair sweet Samba with my YSL fuschia in rage lipstick, and Simmer for everyday look with a peach and cranberry eye

Oh, I was raving on Midnight mambo, but also purchased YSL Fuschia in Rage last month, and I’m wearing it all the time these days… Did you find out if it was a dupe or somewhat similar? That would save me some […]

Some days to hide redness or acné, some days just to feel more confident or féminine, and sometimes just for fun!

Every day for foundation: I’m too dark for HD#115, too fair for HD#130, and too neutral for every shade in between, si I just mix’em up all year round, adding more and more #130 as I tan. It allows me to always […]

I’d love to wear Razzledazzler with coral blush like Coralista, and strong turquoise eyes (loads of turquoise eye pencil and a black waterproof mascara)

Haul: Urban Decay 24/7 in psychedelic Sister and Mildew, Sephora baby bleu eye pencil, and MUFE golden aqua liner #1.

WE plans: sleep, clean up the messy house, and maybye a mortel fun with home made […]

I find the LE shades so beautiful… and I’ve been raving since months on all the LE skinfinishes, unfortunately all those I could have ordered were way too much on the golden side!
I’m looking for a cool toned […]

So many times… The first, I believe, was an orange gloss. Not fond of gloss, and looked really orangy in the bottle, wich freaked me because I used to wear only berry pinks. The beauty consultant convinced me to […]

I was wondering wether I’d buy Royal Sunset or not… too late! It’s already sold out (hate MAC’s policy about Limited Editions and ridiculous stocks!!!!!!).

I would wear it with a matching champagne/peach eye […]

I’m so excited about both Double Happiness and Rising Sun!
Rising Sun seems to b the perfect match pour my favourite spring/summer coral sweater. I’ve had such a hard time finding the right coral lipstick (not […]

I think the quad and blush work quite well together, and both work nicely on your skin tone. The one that seems to clash is the Lipstick… wouldn’t it work better with Razzledazzler or Flamingo (mayby Flamingo […]

oh, I also thought Clockwork Orange. It would have to be by a very edgy brand, I’m thinking of Make Up for Ever, with very contrasted saturated eye shadow and lipstick colours (black/white/red and of course […]

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