At the moment it’s MAC MSF Natural to set liquid foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. No other powder gives such a beautiful finish for my skin without being cakey or noticeable. Holy grail […]

@KK Hi, that’s my story as well almost exactly :), except I still do not do creative, I’m just more adventurous than before.

This, of course, would be a neutral look and will be similar to what I described when there was a question on “what’s you no-makeup makeup look”. I will add some changes there, though. Here it is:

Face: MUFE […]

Not sure it can be called “routine”, cause it’s too simple. MAC Brow Set in Beguile. Done!
Sometimes, quite rarely, when I want a really defined shape, I add MAC Eye Brows pencil in Lingering to fill in any gaps […]

Red lips hands down. It looks soooo cool, but I cannot bear even a thought of having a “look at me” statement on my face.

Have to start, again, by saying “Let’s hope it never never ever happens!” A girl SHOULD NOT be made to commit to only one lipstick, it’s too cruel :) If it did, however, I”d most likely choose Japanese Maple or […]

Just one? Then I wish I could ask smth like “Do you honestly think this lipstick suits my skin tone?” Cause whenever I ask them “What do you think?” about a lipstick I tried on, I always get: “It looks good on […]

I have Patentpink and French Kiss and I’m really happy with them. I’m NW15 pale, my lips are fairly pigmented and Patentpink looks really nice and opaque enough on me. French Kiss is a tiny bit dark for my skin […]

Green. I’m so pale and have so much blue undertone in my skin color that I’m afraid I will look like a zombie. I’m sure there is that perfect shade of green out there for me that will not do that, but I do not see […]

Most of the time I don’t, simply because I cannot, for the life of me, grasp the ability to use 5-6 eye shadows for one look and not get a mud-colored mess on my lids :) 3 is my maximum and that includes a brow […]

I’m sooo not original :) MAC, UD and NARS would make me run to the store and check out the new stuff as soon as it gets there :)

I’ll say the same stuff Captain Obvious would say, but here I go:

1) It allows to bring your best features forward and take the attention away from, improve those that are not the best.
2) The choice and the […]

No, there is not and most likely will not be. My goal in makeup is to try as many products as I possibly can and find those that suite me, my skin type and coloring perfectly :), so if I don’t like smth, I will […]

Nope. It’s all about “I have no time for it, I’ve got other stuff to take care of” and so on and so forth. The furthest I got is I made my older sister buy more expensive makeup and ask me for an opinion when she needs smth.

Oh, I soo wanted to put Jolly Good from the MAC as my favorite bronzer (light contour more like it), but it’s LE and I try not to use it much :)

◾Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, neutral. NW1, NW15
◾Favorite bronzer? I’m new to the bronzer scene, only tried 3 so far and I like MAC bronzer in Golden the most for my skin tone. Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan […]

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