Sure is! Most of the makep products (like 80%, it just works, what can I say) is MAC and most of my skincare (about 90%) is from The Body Shop. With skincare I think I’ll be switching to Korean brands when I […]

Well said, I totally agree with you! These are the brands that are reliable (IMHO NARS lipsticks will kick Tom Ford ones butts any day :) ), trend setting and cover all the needs you might have in makeup well.

Come to think of it, we have quite a choice of beauty products here in Russian Siberia (well, in its biggest city at least) :) (we have Tom Ford, Armani among the usual like Clinique, Chanel and the like, MAC […]

Your skin tone/coloring:
NW15, N1, MUFE HD 117
How often do you wash your hair?
Twice a week, it is quite dry.
What’s your go-to shampoo and/or conditioner?
Fairly Traded Honey shampoo and American Cream […]

Exactly like you said, Christine. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. I think it is more the issue of comparing high end products among the same price range, though, that makes people disappointed sometimes, […]

Ohh, Steady Going is soo tempting, being retro matte (which I don’t have) and pretty neautral, compared to the other colors, but your rate makes me doubt whether I should get it. Oh well, on the other hand, it’s […]

Winged eyeliner is my problem as well :( A SA from MAC tried it on me, it was neat, but looked sooo made up to me that I don’t think I will feel comfortable wearing such a look all the time.

I also wish I could […]

Bronzers, lip pencils, primers, highlighters, serums, CC creams (if that counts), thermal waters.

And finally… Please promise not to laugh! Well, its makeup brushes…. The only one I had was blush brush of […]

Did not have to think hard to answer that one. MAC Lorelei eye shadow from Alluring Aquatics collection last year. Our local MAC store set such crazy prices for this collection (shelled out $30 for this shadow, […]

Of course I do. How can I not if my budget itself is pretty much limited :)

Also, I will go as far as to say that everyone should :) The first rule of marketing is “A product is worth as much as a customer is […]

Gosh, it must be MAC Warm Soul :) It’s such a no nonsense everyday blush that you just know it will go well with anything. BTW, can s/o confirm or deny that Warm Soul in the new packaging is a bit different from […]

Mine are MAC Gleam (got my second one not long ago!), Naked Lunch, Patina and Quarry. Naked Lunch is almost nonexistent already, I got MUFE I-526 to replace it but, weirdly enough I am not that blown away by it. […]

What a good question :)

Well, it’s something along the lines of MAC’s Hue (or Japanese Maple at the moment) or NARS’s Roman Holiday. I don’t think much of my lips, so I usually try to accentuate eyes, although […]

Oh, at the end of the eighties, when I became a teenager, we used whatever we were able to get our hands on, there was not much to choose from where I lived (Rusian Far East) back then, so I don’t really remember […]

Your skin tone/coloring:
NW15, N1
Do you find sales associates useful?
I actually do when I’m too lazy to research smth myself or see smth that I haven’t heard of before. That said, I can easily determine how […]

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