Most of the time I don’t, simply because I cannot, for the life of me, grasp the ability to use 5-6 eye shadows for one look and not get a mud-colored mess on my lids :) 3 is my maximum and that includes a brow […]

I’m sooo not original :) MAC, UD and NARS would make me run to the store and check out the new stuff as soon as it gets there :)

I’ll say the same stuff Captain Obvious would say, but here I go:

1) It allows to bring your best features forward and take the attention away from, improve those that are not the best.
2) The choice and the […]

No, there is not and most likely will not be. My goal in makeup is to try as many products as I possibly can and find those that suite me, my skin type and coloring perfectly :), so if I don’t like smth, I will […]

Nope. It’s all about “I have no time for it, I’ve got other stuff to take care of” and so on and so forth. The furthest I got is I made my older sister buy more expensive makeup and ask me for an opinion when she needs smth.

Oh, I soo wanted to put Jolly Good from the MAC as my favorite bronzer (light contour more like it), but it’s LE and I try not to use it much :)

◾Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, neutral. NW1, NW15
◾Favorite bronzer? I’m new to the bronzer scene, only tried 3 so far and I like MAC bronzer in Golden the most for my skin tone. Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan […]

@TIFFANIE and @EMMILYNN, right? Thank you for the feedback. I have Pantentpink and French Kiss and they are like balm on the lips plus color :) I heard that MAC is bringing them back, so I’m definitely gonna be […]

I just do not do bright colors and extremely rarely go out of the house without makeup on, so I think I can chip in here. Also, this is what I was wearing when a girl at a store told me I was not wearing makeup :) […]

Actually, I do have one! I really like MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils, although they are not longwearing at all. They feel so nice on my lips and I like the finish they provide, really like the formula. My MAC girls […]

Sadly, mascara. My lashes are so problematic that I use it just to make them black, as opposed to voluminous and long. I can never get them look remotely decent :(

I usually don’t highlight my brow bone, but when I feel like it, I just use MAC paint in Bare Canvas or theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Ooops, I meant stalking, not stocking, of course. Sorry :)

December??? Really? That’s like waaay too long to wait.

That said, this collection just looks fantastic! Right up my alley :) For now I’m definitely interested in the duo and the patentpolish lipstick. Really […]

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