Oh, at the end of the eighties, when I became a teenager, we used whatever we were able to get our hands on, there was not much to choose from where I lived (Rusian Far East) back then, so I don’t really remember […]

Your skin tone/coloring:
NW15, N1
Do you find sales associates useful?
I actually do when I’m too lazy to research smth myself or see smth that I haven’t heard of before. That said, I can easily determine how […]

Well, I don’t know how drastic of a change we are talking about here. If it’s like 180, then the answer would probably be no. Then again, I would not know how my life would be without it, cause using at least some […]

Thank you so much for the suggestions, I really appreciate it! I am aware that there are ways around, but we do not have the Ardency and Cover FX where I live (we only got NARS last autumn, for crying out loud :) […]

Easy :)

I want a liquid foundation that matches my skin type and color perfectly, satin finish with a bit of a glow, beneficial for my skin, gives just the right coverage and does not cost an arm and a leg :) […]

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Oh, definitely! I don’t know anyone around me who’d undestand someone obsessing over makeup. I don’t have too much makeup, honestly (for the reference, I have 6 blushes at the moment), I wish I had twice as much […]

I really-really like Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop, it takes off any makeup easily, even my MUFE Aqua Liner (which sets like a film on your lids and I don’t really like it:) ) and does not […]

Simple for me. I decide what blush or lipstick (one or the other) I feel like wearing today and base the rest of my makeup on that. I’m not very daring or creative when it comes to makeup, so it is not usually too […]

Your skin tone/coloring: MAC N1/NW15, NARS Gobi in Sheer Glow
Last beauty product that disappointed you?: Sephora Full Action Mascara. A TINIEST bit of moisture on my eyes resulted in a full-fledged puddle of […]

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