If I won I’d buy a bunch of Nars Lip Pencils and Lipsticks and I would get some of the new MUFE cream blushes.

I’d make a warm neutral eye and add a bit of orange to keep it warm as well as making it a bit more interesting.

I second that; I have two in my makeup bag!

I definitely would!

I clean them after each use. How do you clean your Tom Ford brushes?

I like it and I also like when someone looks like they have makeup on and it is done well. The most natural looking way to have a “no makeup” look would be to not use eyeliner or eyeshadow, to go lightly with the […]

Wow, I was just looking into buying aqua brow from MUFE; I think purchasing the MAC one would be more convenient for me seeing as Sephora does not carry the darkest shade which is the one I would need. I also […]

My look is similar to Kica and Kristy. I do not use any eye products (not even mascara because I have not looked into any affordable ones that length well), I wear foundation with blush (blush can be natural […]

I am most excited for double cash back for shoes.com, ebags.com and of course Sephora :)

1)Tom Ford 6 brush,
2)Some Nars blushes
3)Some Hakuhodo brushes (including the J5543, do you think that is unnecessary to have it if i get the TF 6?)

I would not plan the trip just to get makeup, but if I were there and remembered then I would. I feel that it is kind of pointless to do so though unless it were for something like a brush or maybe a blush because […]

I have a list similarly categorized except I do not have LE items on the list. I have it by where the product is going e.g. lips, face, tools and etc. then under each I have the brands alphabetized with name of […]

I am sort of new to makeup and almost everything I own is limited edition. I tend to end up liking some LE products because they get more coverage (as in bloggers and youtubers talk about them more and they get […]

I really love ads and promotional videos! Sometimes I will like an ad for a collection and not care for the collection much at all. I even feel (in some cases) that more work was done on promoting products than […]

Estee Lauder Double Wear changed and a lot people are upset by it. I tried a sample right before the change and I loved it. I was going to start wearing it because I needed a long-wearing foundation because […]

Facet looks like China Glaze Ingrid.

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