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I’m avoiding these; I wanted to get Color Field and Exposure, but figured out I can find better eyeshadows for the money.

P.S. Merry Christmas, Christine!

theBalm’s Balm and The Beautiful or The Muppets version. I have all their other palettes and am a sucker for that packaging, but these were sold out just around the time I was getting into makeup :(

I have a major weakness for theBalm products and I love that they have a new palette out. Will definitely buy it as soon as I stop kicking myself for not owning their old Muppets and Balm and the Beautiful palettes :(

I need, want and must have this palette! I was actually wondering why we had not seen anything new from theBalm of late. I love that brand!

I don’t mind either but if I’m wearing just neutrals for a couple of days at a stretch, I become bored.

I tried on my Mum’s lipstick and looked in the mirror. That was the last time I thought I had everything I wanted.

That is brilliant! I hope they expand to worldwide shipping soon!

Several times… with cleansing oil (like you), Korean skin care, with Barry M TMLP Lip Color, with the Konjac Sponge, with the Beautyblender (original) and above all, with orange lipsticks. It shows I need to […]

Sleek Candy Collection palette. One shadow has cracked :(

Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Compact. I use it every day, so….

I used to love Benefit Brow Zings but now I adore their Gimme Brow. It is perfect for my already dark brows. Fills them nicely, at the same time it does not make them visible from the moon.

Soft brown-gold eyes, and a dusty pink lip (Givenchy Le Rouge). I didn’t apply blush, but went with a dab of Benefit Watt’s Up.

I like the look of Pie and the rest of them aren’t my type of shades; but for that one shade, I don’t think I’ll invest.

There’s liquid eyeshadow? Who knew? I learn something new from your blog every time!

Argh, I was going to steer clear of this one. But now that I’ve seen your swatches of Forbidden, Gates Of Eden, Tree Of Life and Fauna, I need it!

Not very willing, I must say, unless I am at a place where I can be alone once every couple of hours. I prefer long-wearing lip colours. I use the ones with lower staying power on occasions of shorter duration.

Lipstick! Gloss is too messy and runny and doesn’t do a thing for my pigmented lips but pulls half my hair out.

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