Brands that are more skincare focused – particularly if not exclusively in the high-end area. Lancome in particular never captures my attention. I bought a lipstick from them once and it is the worst lipstick I […]

I used to use primer everyday but I started to realise it alters the way my foundation sits on my skin. I find foundation is much better with a simple moisturiser beforehand. I have very normal skin, if I had to […]

Kind of…I picked ‘only to a few brands’ because I’ll always go for a MAC lipstick as well as their foundation and brushes. Now NARS has picked up their game with lipsticks, I’d say I’m loyal to them and their […]

Ohhh Rose Quartz is sooo beautiful! So pearly! Definitely going to get that one when these come to Australia.

Skin tone: NW/NC15-20 (I’m quite neutral, not pink, not yellow…)
Over the top highlighter: MAC Soft and Gentle!!! I just bought this and my jaw dropped ^o^
Subtle highlighter: I don’t do subtle highlighters […]

So disappointing. I actually WANT to buy some of these from MAC but looking at how poorly some of these perform…it’s breaking my heart. I actually thought MAC would’ve stepped up their game with these for some […]

I do agree with other people’s comments that the packaging is slightly dated but…I actually like that! The only pet peeve that I have is that the lipstick comes with those placky ‘full-lid’ like the Maybelline […]

Didn’t she make this ‘magic cream’ in the first place? Which means that the ingredients aren’t probably anything special. And $95?? What a ludicrous price for something where the ingredients are probably from your […]

I’ve been trying to find a grey that isn’t metallic. It’s impossible – every one I see is so sparkly or metallic it’s actually silver! I just want a flat, matte grey. And maybe a light grey too. I’ll just have to […]

I’m having a Brigitte Bardot obsessive phase at the moment so I HAVE to buy Brigitte. But…I think I’ll wait for your review, judging by the fact the price is insane in the US I imagine it will be ludicrous in […]

Wow looks as boring as the grey colour they chose for the packaging. And only one brow product? For Brooke Shields? HAHAHAHA. Ohhh MAC…

I made the weirdest disgusted noise when I saw what it was like. It looks like a crime scene. Enough said. Major pass…

This couldn’t have come too soon! I’m having MASSIVE dilemmas at the moment applying my makeup. We have downlights in our house and they are sooo yellowy-orange. I’m incredibly pale, NW10, and like to bronze up my […]

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