Romance Was Born. Look them up!

Naked3! Everyone hates it but I use it more than Naked 1 and 2. I guess I like it because I find it so easy to create ‘pretty’ looks. I have pale skin, dark hair and everything I use I usually end up looking a […]

Brands that are more skincare focused – particularly if not exclusively in the high-end area. Lancome in particular never captures my attention. I bought a lipstick from them once and it is the worst lipstick I […]

I used to use primer everyday but I started to realise it alters the way my foundation sits on my skin. I find foundation is much better with a simple moisturiser beforehand. I have very normal skin, if I had to […]

Kind of…I picked ‘only to a few brands’ because I’ll always go for a MAC lipstick as well as their foundation and brushes. Now NARS has picked up their game with lipsticks, I’d say I’m loyal to them and their […]

Ohhh Rose Quartz is sooo beautiful! So pearly! Definitely going to get that one when these come to Australia.

Skin tone: NW/NC15-20 (I’m quite neutral, not pink, not yellow…)
Over the top highlighter: MAC Soft and Gentle!!! I just bought this and my jaw dropped ^o^
Subtle highlighter: I don’t do subtle highlighters […]

So disappointing. I actually WANT to buy some of these from MAC but looking at how poorly some of these perform…it’s breaking my heart. I actually thought MAC would’ve stepped up their game with these for some […]

I do agree with other people’s comments that the packaging is slightly dated but…I actually like that! The only pet peeve that I have is that the lipstick comes with those placky ‘full-lid’ like the Maybelline […]

Didn’t she make this ‘magic cream’ in the first place? Which means that the ingredients aren’t probably anything special. And $95?? What a ludicrous price for something where the ingredients are probably from your […]

I’ve been trying to find a grey that isn’t metallic. It’s impossible – every one I see is so sparkly or metallic it’s actually silver! I just want a flat, matte grey. And maybe a light grey too. I’ll just have to […]

I’m having a Brigitte Bardot obsessive phase at the moment so I HAVE to buy Brigitte. But…I think I’ll wait for your review, judging by the fact the price is insane in the US I imagine it will be ludicrous in […]

Wow looks as boring as the grey colour they chose for the packaging. And only one brow product? For Brooke Shields? HAHAHAHA. Ohhh MAC…

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