Dior’s Addict Lip Glow. They already discontinued the Rose Diamond powder which just really sucks…that was seriously my favorite highlight/blush/all-over-glow product that is not easily dupeable, and now I don’t […]

Your last statement rings true with the Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation. It’s awful. It breaks up on the skin and accentuates dry patches like no other. But people buy it because it’s new and over hyped. I have […]

I accidentally dropped my makeup bag, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but my MAC prolong wear concealer did break, the bottom broke off in a perfect circle which was strange….I had to depot it into a little […]

That’s very interesting! That sounds very appealing to find/create a scent that exemplifies or harmonizes not only with your natural chemicals but with your personality, but honestly, I would not know where to […]

It looks like they did slowly and quietly…I was able to buy a Rose Diamond powder last August, and saw a couple of Rose Diamond’s left in a Sephora store a couple of months ago but both the Amber and Rose have […]

I definitely appreciate this review and taking the time to do a side by side comparison of the Rose vs Rose Diamond. Rose Diamond is my favorite highlighter/blush (I am beyond pale) so it’s very disappointing to […]

Definitely passing on this collection, I think if they had used the regular rounded lipstick bullet packaging for the lipsticks and just added the ombre effect to it I would be much more tempted to buy a lipstick […]

I’m really not a fan that cosmetic companies keep raising the price, when did they raise the price of the lipsticks? I feel like the Naked palettes were $50 not too long ago and now they’re up to $54…

Your analogy for crease colors is so perfect…I love it!

That’s interesting! All I have heard is how incredible the Nars Creamy Concealer is and how it is many people’s holy grail. I use the MAC Prolongwear and adore it but have considered trying NARS just because of […]

Hey Christine! I’m trying to decide between a YSL and an Illamasqua lipstick for a splurge, would you still recommend YSL over these new formulas or have these grabbed your attention a bit more?

I told myself I would never get into the Naked palette craze…until Naked 3 came out -_-

I said the same thing about Benefit They’re Real mascara until I received a free sample.

Oh I swatched Be A Lady and couldn’t help myself -_- it beautifully snuck it’s way into my collection. Though I think it is permanent so they aren’t teasing you with this one!

Coffeebreakwithdani had that same results as Christine! Definitely passing on these…

Be a Lady looks beautiful!

I don’t have a question for these products, I can wait until you post the review, but do you know if they discontinued Lady at Play? I can not find it on the website but it’s also not […]

I bought Ethereal Glow and absolutely love it! I’m very fair with cool undertones so it goes beautifully with my skin. I thought it had great pigmentation, and had plenty of pink swirled in with the finishing […]

I will admit that the formula can be a tad bit drying so I recommend using a balm before you apply it but I absolutely LOVE the soft matte lip creams! They’re beautiful!

This blush is tailored for fair skin, I’m NW15 and this is my go to blush along with benefits dandelion!

I would definitely use this on a night out as a smoky eye with a soft red lip.

I start off with primer then eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer, foundation, contour, blush, highlight, powder, setting spray, mascara, and then lips.

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