Matte, medium-deep red with strong blue undertones.

I expected it to be much more brown, for a blush that’s supposed to be like cola.

Just wanted to say I appreciate the honesty in your reviews!

Ooh I love this palette, it’s difficult to get Tarte in the U.K so I’d love to win it!

I have hooded eyes and find mattes draw less attention to it, so this would definitely be my go to palette daily. I love […]

NYX Mosaic Blush in Highlight, there’s no shimmer to it whatsoever, more of a lavender satin.

Have you tried the liquid lipstick Lolita? I’d love to see some swatches! It appears to be very different depending on the wearer.

Slightly unrelated I suppose, but Christine, which powder do you prefer for blurring pores and keeping shine at bay, the Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Powder or the Guerlain Les Voilettes Translucent Compact […]

I’d keep it simple with shadowbox as a smokey wing and killing jar sweeped over the lid.

The Coachella one looks amazing on you!

I’d wear them on the top lid with eyeshadow and then smudged along the outside two thirds of the bottom lash line.

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