Mac Face and Body, Mac Pattisserie, Mac Peachykeen, Vichy Dermablend, YSL Babydoll mascara…the list could be endless!

Now I know what I am gonna complete my mac pro palette with. I don’t think it will take me long to get golden kaki and caludron!

I don’t get the point about making a collection with all permanent products, which are probably worse in quality that the regular ones (see palettes, pss carbon..). The promotional images look amazing but this a pass for me.

Either Urban Decay or Veluxe Pearl by MAC. But I think UD is waaay better! Always highly pigmented, blendable and silky <3

Dual sided Ikea mirror

I have this kind of feeling everytime I see that I always use the same 4 eyeshadows out of my 21 mac palette! I wish I had bought more neutrals instead of bright blues and greens that I will never ever wear lol

Deep Damson is my favourite burgundy ever! Matte and silky at the same time, can be a bit tough when it comes to blending but is way better than Sketch. It took me forever to find it but it was worth it!

Oh, Carbon…

Snake eyes looks superb!! I hope they never release again the soft touch pencils now that they have these cream eyeshadows.

I want this highlighter so bad. My favourite make up artist uses no other than this and gets amazing results on everyone! I will probably get it as a graduation present 😀

I’ve never wore pastel colors, fuschias, bright greens or blues, yellows…I am pretty much in the neutral zone!

LOL I always had the same feeling about that color!

It contains half the product than the regular Benefit blushes and still has the same price tag? I’m definitely passing.. I’m not paying 30-something euros for 5 grams of blush in a cardboard box.

I wish evil eye was not a disappointing, dry and sheer eyeshadow as it was when it was released on the evil eye quad. Its such a gorgeous color! I hope the quality improves now that it is not inside a quad […]

The shades released last year were by far more interesting than these. Why bringing back a matte white? I think there are enough dupes around to get this one out as a special collection next year :/

Why not bringing back pigments? Eveyone would love that!

This one barely shows up :/

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