I love my Chanel Inspiration and sad they have now discontinued it. It’s such a lovely soft rosy pink color. Just a little will do to make a nice natural rose flush on the cheeks.

I have every item on this list except the lip gloss. I’m not a lip gloss person. I’m more of a lipstick person. I probably buy too much Chanel cosmetics but I just can’t help it. Chanel is my favorite makeup […]

I’m glad I got Elixir instead of Alchimie. Elixir is not a unique color but it is quite lovely. I’ve wore it on my nails twice and it lasted about a week each time. Alchimie may be a rare color but it’s not […]

This is the one color I have on my wish list. It’s such a nice everyday blush color. I can’t wait to buy it when I have the money.

I believe Chanel is going to release Les Beige powder next month.

Fury nail polish kind of reminds of Nars New York Dolls but darker.

When are you going to review the Chanel Fall 2013 makeup collection?

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