For me it’s anything peachy-pink/orange. I have cool toned super fair skin, and those shades look so unflattering on me. I can wear reds, but they have to be true red or dark red. But anything with orange-y tinge […]

I always try to do my mascara, then depending on how much time – foundation/primer, brows, liner, bronzer!

I own so many rosy-nude-taupe lipsticks. I can’t wear a lot of pale nudes because they wash me out, so I buy a ton of YSL RV #2-type shades because I love them so much.

I don’t usually have much issue with any type of brush, but I usually prefer the ones with the fiber bristles rather than the plastic. Shape is not important to me :)

A vanity with lots of space on top/in drawers that can fit a lot of product, but is also antique looking. Next to a big window is also a must too!

Ideally all products would be standing up in the drawers so I […]

I like that last bit “it’s not about them.” I feel like too often people around me try to stifle my sense of style because they have an issue with it, it’s my body/face! I can do what I want!

Definitely Nars Luster.

Something that would make oil on your face cease to exist!

Anything with a peach/orange tinge to it. All That Glitters by MAC, Chopper by UD, things like that. I’m just too fair and it looks weird.

Definitely Kate Spade. The packaging would be ADORABLE!

Primer (eyes and face), foundation, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer/contour, blush, highlighter, mascara, setting spray

Milani baked blushes…they’re so great, but the package is so clunky and the plastic top falls out too easily. :/

Miranda is loving MAC 2 years ago

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