I love their liquid liners and blush colors. I hate their tendency to use glitter overspray, it disappoints me every time! I also dislike the fact that that occasionally a product will just randomly suck from out […]

Yep, I change it a lot. I buy all I can but smaller 30-50ml bottles or even smaller if I find them, I love collecting and matching my frag to my mood! Just ordered 3 Vivienne Westwood frags yesterday after a […]

Late winter flakiness, it happens to me every year :(
I fight it by slathering on moisture, using gentle glycolic products. A hydrating serum sounds so nice, what kind is it?

Skincare and brushes. I have JBB, the Japanese Brush Bug. There is no cure, only feeding and maintainance.

It’s the ongoing maintainance that keeps my hands looking good. Keeping up with hand and cuticle care makes the most difference for me because my skin is dry. I use the same products I use on my face and Body […]

It’s so pretty on you! For me, 2015 will have lots of contour, will you review the Kat Von D Shade + Light so we can compare all the swatches (I hope?).

Haha, yeah, but it’s now a pretty big temptation. So to distract, become more active in (hey) beauty communities I like. 😉

Haul: Innerstellar, Shade + Light, Poe, Meteorites pressed. Finally $10 flash shipping from Sephora offered to me, I’ve been waiting so that was pretty exciting!
Weekend Plans: Laze about eating gelato, organize […]

I’m the same way now. I bought one and hated the hassle of storing it alone to keep both ends decent so it’s in the box of items to go to a friend who needs it. I doubt I’ll ever buy any more double ended brushes […]

Chikuhodo Z-10 eye shadow brush. I’m thinking of getting another so I’ll have one for light colors, one for dark. It never tugs or pokes my delicate under-eye skin when blending there but it’s dense enough to get […]

I usually forget mascara when I am doing just a quick ‘dash out the door’ look, I just do heavy liner and a red lip and…gone.

This is me too, I love the colors but never have been able to wear them well.

I’d like to learn why some products (makeup and skincare) that when used together, cause the pilling or rolling effect where the product balls up as you blend. Is there a reliable rule of thumb to not mix certain […]

My skincare routine motivates me as well. I have started using Tretinoin so I really need to pay attention to my schedule to maintain the correct routine. Leading in, I knew it would be a bit more demanding so I […]

I’m currently cleaning out and organizing my stash. Aside from overhauling my skincare, I’m restricting myself to only the most desired things, really impressive finishes, formulas, etc. So I’m asking myself […]

Unfortunately, I’ve found that to be true. Similarly priced though, I DO like some of WnW’s 8 pans.

A pair of funky lace eyelashes on sale @Sephora because I wanted some points perks. I’m not going to be a Rouge though. Few hundred short buying comfortably this year. I’m happy. 😉

Soaking off old acrylics and getting a new set. Removing eye makeup when I’ve been wearing glitter liner and waterproof mascara. Removing glitter nail polish from acrylics. Deep conditioning hair, using a scalp […]

Concealer that doesn’t settle into creases or pores.

As a thick upper liner. Gold and silver will work with every color and a mix would be divine! I loved the CHANEL F/W runway look with glitter but this….this I could wear any day just because I craved the sparkle! :)

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