Oh girl I need another Bite lipstick like I need a hole in the head but I’m likely to buy the colors Juniper and Black Cherry the second I’m able to.

::shakes fist at Bite for making such gorgeous […]

I’d LOVE to see Zuhair Murad come out with a collection! His dresses are STUNNING and I would love to see what he would come out with for a makeup line. If you’ve never seen the clothing his house makes, it’s […]

I .. am honestly surprised at how excited I am about these. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, despite how little I like how they taste. They always make my lips look glam.

I have to agree on the Philosophy Shower Gels. I don’t find them amazing (in fact I find them worse than gels that cost 1/3 as much) and most people look at me like I’m mad if I tell them so.

I do, however, […]

Yes, though I’d only consider small procedures (eye lift, peels) and am not interested in anything too changing or dangerous.

Lemongrass and citrus scents keep me energized. I also can’t help but stay in love with my standard scents (orange ginger from B&BW, CKOne and Acqua di Gioia).

I want to try branching out some more, though to […]

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