All the time and sometimes I mix a drop of Argan oil with the foundation or a bit of highlighter to add radiance.

I finish skincare products, a liquid foundation, makeup remover & wipes, mascara & a favorite powder that unfortunately is no longer available. I rarely finish lipsticks and have enough e/s to last several […]

I wanted the “original” Stereo Rose but am glad I didn’t jump on it this time. MAC has been getting very little of my money lately as I’ve become so aggravated about things like this which seem to happen A LOT the […]

Same for me. Hooded eyes can be so frustrating!

Moisturizer, foundation (as far as my favorite one – I have others I don’t like so much I could use when I run out and do occasionally) and mascara.

Eye shadow could last several life times for me also (pretty […]

I love them when they are good quality but have been disappointed in the past with a few of them that I felt the pigmentation/quality was not as good as normal but yet the prices were up there. I feel like the […]

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