I ended up picking one of these up (Love Hangover) when they first came out and it’s absolutely darling! Don’t think it lasts 16 hours but it’s a lovely shade nonetheless!

Thank you so so much! <333

What lipstick are you wearing here? 😀

These are absolutely GORGEOUS – I would love to win look #1 because I’m trying to get better at using eyeshadows and it seems like the perfect way to start – just beautiful!


I got Scandal in the Anarchy face case and its absolutely gorgeous!

How would you say Bon Bon compares with Too Faced’s Juicy Melons? <3

The perfect peachy, warm pink lipstick! :( I’ve gotten a few that were close but when I put it on my lips the blue pink in my lips ruined it ;__;

MAC was the first makeup brand I really fell in love with as well! I can’t imagine how incredible and reaffirming it was to get MAC’s support – but Temptalia is truly worthy of it as your blog continues to be my […]

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