I love Bare Minerals palettes, but I have 4 of 7 shades. The other 3 I believe I can dupe from other 8.0 palettes I already own. Fuze is a repromote as well, it was in the Fired Up face and eye palette from 2012 […]

I agree with you. As soon as Bold Metals were available at Ulta I went to the store and grabbed the brushes. I went to one of aisles to open each box to check out to softness and thought it was a joke. I put every […]

This brush works well with loose mineral foundation too.. I also have the 320 Effortless Crease brush I use for sot concealing with cream concealer. I love the velvet luxe line, that I also bought the 306 Goddess […]

Be glad you skipped the Nic’s Picks set, only the eye brushes were good. I didn’t like the face brushes, quality just wasn’t there.

They are softer than the regular line but not as drastic as you would think. The It Brushes for Ulta are still softer, the Live Beauty fully & Velvet Luxe lines that is (Airbrush line is too rouh). The live beauty […]

Oh I have to get both of these now since I missed out on Nude Beach and Affair to Remember. I kept waiting for them to be able at bare minerals boutiques or website, that didn’t happen. I hate paying the shipping […]

The lipsticks are the only things that look good to me. I doubt that I buy anything from this collection though. I’ve already bought tons of stuff from the regular holiday collection and from QVC holiday items.

I agree. I find that WG’s face brushes are better priced than Chikuhodo and Hakuhodo, and same quality. The free shipping from Beautylish makes it even better and less wait time. Once you go high end on makeup […]

The black goat haired holiday brush is as soft as the squirrel WG 02 brush. They feel the same to me if that gives you an idea.

They are a fraction of the cost, and not as soft as the Wayne Goss Holiday brush. Even though the WG Holiday brush is expensive it will last longer than the RT brush. I’d rather save up money to buy a high quality brush.

Great, I don’t have that one yet!

I think I have to buy this duo. Anyone know if either shadow is a duplicate from another of their palettes? If so, which. Thanks.

These are the same shadows that are in Shine On 2012 holiday palette except my Center Stage seems more pigmented. The Future shade is the same as Glitterati in the palette.

All of the Wayne Goss eye brushes.


My wallet thanks them for it. I received my Ready Convertible Eyeshadow palette (aka Mix Master) today. It’s awesome…..LOVE! There are 4 repeats in the palette with one of them in the permanent collection. […]

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