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NOOOOOOO!!! just when I tell myself no new products….this comes along. Well, I must say I have a few items hanging out in my shopping cart and 15% is 15%. Loving the new Clinique blush colors and lipsticks

No I don’t follow any brands on any social media. I follow guru’s like Temptalia to deliver the info. I enjoy seeing whats coming out and the reviews. I kind of like everything in one place. From time to time […]

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Wow what an impressive move!!! A brand that listens !! This really shows a brand that is dedicated to product and just not putting it on shelves regardless of quality. I wish Hourglass would take note with the […]

I did see all the 5 stars and it is baffling….. I would love to know how they are using them to make them work. Is there a secret??

such a disappointment from this line. Curious if Hourglass reads these reviews and a pending overhaul of this product is in the future. I have to say I have learned my lesson —- I jumped the gun buying the […]

Melanie is loving Medium (03) 2 months ago

I went back and looked at some of your previous post on this palette. I think I will skip. I was expecting so much more, like a life altering palette LOL!!! So value your reviews!!!! I shall wait next time

This is I have to say the 1st palette I rushed to buy on Sephora before your review and user comments.
I am surprised you gave it a “c” rating, my personal rating much lower. While the colors are gorgeous in […]

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I have really grown to love UD. Esp the naked foundation, powders and lipsticks . I have issues with the eye shadows all of them I am afraid. I have oily skin and with that oily eye lids. I have tried all the […]

Melanie is loving Warm & Toasty Turtleneck 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Melanie is loving Platinum 5 months ago

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Hate to say this but I am passing on this one. I already have both shades minus the exclusive shade…..can’t justify the purchase. Might cave down the line when Sephora offers its holiday discount. Also quite […]

Melanie is loving The Uptown Girl 6 months, 3 weeks ago

ok :) I was thinking Tarte released 2 palettes until I looked at the color names. still a nice palette and got great reviews from you. BTW thanks for saving me some money on the Stila palette. I was going to […]

Thinking about getting this one..but isn’t this the Limited Edition Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette V1 and not V2 ??? The same colors are listed on Sephora as the V1 or is Sephora wrong

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Ugg another …. I am kind of burnt out on the whole naked palettes…. from all brands. The originality is lost.

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catch up on youtube subscriptions while I do makeup and hair

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Oh I have my catalog/ list ready…so so many great things!! The poor charge card will feel this one…shoes, clothes, makeup (Nars & Bobbi Brown)…the excitement is just to much…thanks for the post

Melanie is loving Dolomites 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Melanie commented on the post, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush for Spring 2014 1 year, 2 months ago

OH good lord … Insanely beautiful .. I will be getting each one! I have fallen head over heels for this makeup line

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