I would use the gift card to continue my hunt for the perfect foundation brush. I keep buying and keep being disappointed!

This is the best news EVER! I’m obsessed with my palette! I had to have it shipped to me from Barney’s in NYC last fall when Sephora sold out of it. It seriously changed my makeup game. Incandescent is the BEST […]

Hey, Christine,

I get why some of these aren’t supposed to be used around certain parts of the eye, but I’m curious if you know the reason why you can’t wear the black on the lips. I mean, if you can tightline […]

This is so weird. I am (embarrassed to say!) a VIB Rouge, and so far the program has been a complete bust and definitely not worth it!

Also, I’m a professional MUA, a regular makeup addict and a lover of LE […]

Thanks, Christine! I’ve been eyeing both of these. The swatches look exactly how I want them to, but…I have at least 10 MAC pigments and I just never use them. I like them, but I never seem to want to take the […]

Mood Exposure looks exactly the way I hoped it would, so I’m glad I ordered it!!

Christine, are you wearing on highlighter with these? Or is the lighting reflecting on your cheeks from the blush?

Oh! I’ve never used the “swatch gallery.” How is that possible! Why is your website so amazing!! :)

Oh! Sad story! I was just looking at these on Sephora’s website. They look beautiful on you! Too bad the formula is a bust. I’m over-saturated with lipsticks at the moment, so I think I’ll pass.

Have you (or […]

Ahhh! This looks so lovely! I ordered this color and “Mood Exposure.” Mood Exposure looks like nothing I have, so I’m excited for it to arrive. Since getting the Hourglass Holiday Ambient Lighting palette, I’ve […]

Yeah, since it’s the magenta is mixed with a very warm color, it makes sense that it’s going to look warm. They have other shades that are cool.

I’ve been eyeing this for a week or so online. Thanks for the review! I think it’s a great little palette. I’ll definitely be picking this one up!

This is a tough one! I love BB, but I don’t know how much use I’d get out of this, because of all of the other palettes I have. Hmm…

A friendly suggestion, when you review palettes, I’d love to read your […]

I’m a VIB Rouge (it’s almost embarrassing to admit!) and I still haven’t received mine. Drats! Also, what’s the point of gaining “Rouge” status if they never give us anything special? :(

Christine, I’m obsessed with finding the nail varnish “Facet” ever since you reviewed it, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the USA. Any suggestions on how to get it? I covet it. A lot. :)

Purity face wash by Philosophy. It’s perfectly Ph balanced and great for your skin! (I Ph tested it myself!)
Aveda’s Lip Saver – hands down the best lip balm ever! It’s worth the $8.50 price tag!

I’m most excited about Sephora. Always. Always. Always. SEPHORA!

I’d love to win this set and play around to find the perfect NYE look. I’m going to a wedding in Chicago!

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