Make that two of us. I was thinking the exact same thing! 😉 *Drooling*

I would definitely use the Color Festival Palette! I would just dive in and not come back up for breath for hours playing with all the festive goodness. Very exciting!

I would use it to get the Marc Jacobs Siren palette and anything else I run into, but the palette first.

I absolutely love Look #3 – Playful Honey! It is so fun, pretty and great for this Florida girl. Love the colors! Hope it wins!

My beauty tip is use extra virgin coconut oil for any skin issue. Whatever it may be from dryness to eczema it’s the best thing for the skin.

I would wear this product all the time. Living in South Florida I can use these colors all year round, which is quite handy. I am also half Mexican and this palette matches my color personality. Love!

Exactly Nancy! I am the same way at Walmart. :)

All the time! I buy secretly and hide it from my Mom. I’m not suppose to buy makeup at all. But it’s my favorite thing in the world! I just recently discovered Stila and Urban Decay and buy a little at the […]

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