OMG OMG this looks so gorgeous on you christine :) <3 loving it your glowy skin and this blusher plus you are looking more fresh in this pic :) and you are totally right i kind of shy of bright orange blushes so […]

OMG OMG this blush is looking so healthy glowy on your skin christine u r looking heavenly beautiful my o my n thanx a ton for reviewing alll this u made it on my wishlist :) i don’t know where i wouod be without […]

you are such a sweet heart christine love you muahhhhhhhhhh <3 you are looking so fresh like doll in this your lipstick is also complementing with your blush love your look :) and the hand swatch is awesome thanx […]

hye christine
hope u r awesome :) OMG OMG finally yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy christine reviews this palette u can’t even know how many times since one month while i was doing reviews of this […]

oh my my u r looking stunning gorgeous christine here your blush so healthy glowing n your eye make up the lipstick ear rings n one of the best your hairs they look gorgeous like these do more often posts like […]

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