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This has been my go to mascara lately and I love it! It feels really light on my lashes and doesn’t clump or smudge during the day. It gives a really deep black color and lengthens my lashes without giving a fake impression. It doesn’t leave crispy lashes and leaves them flexible which I also like. It’s a bit expensive but is an ok cost for a high…[Read more]

After the wonderful review this shade got, I’ve finally bought it to see for myself if this actually felt like a galaxy on the nails. And I mus say that the color really is beautiful and has wonderful red reflections over the deep purple but I’ve found out that the application was a bit difficult and it chips on me after three days. Still I really…[Read more]

Even though I love the color once applied, I find it quite difficult to use. The formula is a bit too thick and you have to be careful because if you use too much product it can take forever to dry.

The color is a lovely shiny mint and looks perfect for spring/summer. It lasts around five days on me with a topcoat. I think is a good product for…[Read more]

I really like to use this color when I want to wear something subtle on my nails. It gives some sheer nude color and a glossy finish. You can get more opacity if you use 3 to 4 coats, but the application is a bit tricky because you can get some streaks if you are not careful. Still I think is a beautiful color and I recommend it to anyone who…[Read more]

I love to use this shade when I want a different/fun look for my nails. It is a bold teal color with metallic finish. What I love most about this shade is that even though it has that metallic finish, you don’t get any streaks during the application and with two coats you get full coverage.