False eyelashes. Never worn them, don’t ever plan to. And red lipstick. 10 years of buying makeup and I have not found a single red lipstick that works on me.

It’s also rare that I wear eyeliner, even though I […]

I think it’s silly that Naked3 is not eligible and that they limit you to 5 items. I’ve never seen another F&F sale that had restrictions like that. I’ve been craving N3 lately and I probably would have purchased […]

It depends. During the week I always remove my makeup as soon as I get home in the afternoons, so I’d have to start over. On the weekend I usually won’t even put makeup on until the afternoon, if I decide to wear […]

It looks very nice, in terms of color and quality, but I can tell just by looking that it would be absolutely atrocious on me. :( I’m one of those people who just cannot wear red lipstick.

Sad :( I’ve been looking for a nice, good quality pastel palette for a long time now and I thought this one looked promising. I probably wouldn’t have spent $60 on this, anyway. Sigh, it seems like nobody ever […]

HAHA when I first read this I thought it was asking if we wanted clear COLORS. I was sitting here like “who the F would make something like that.” I had to come read the comments before it sank in…

*hangs head in shame*

I just use straight up coconut oil as a makeup remover. It takes *everything* off in a matter of seconds, I love it.

Best Packaging – Urban Decay Naked 3. I’m obsessed with Rose Gold. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes is good, too.

Best Color Payoff – I usually don’t have any trouble with color payoff in any of my palettes. I suppose […]

As someone who purchases and judges drugstore and high end makeup equally, I love these. Sure they’re not 100% opaque, but I never (ever) expect a lipgloss to be 100% opaque. That is what lipstick is created for. […]

I haven’t found many HG products yet. I have very high standards. I’m still looking for my HG: foundation, concealer, serum, eye cream, lip balm and mascara. There are dozens of products I really enjoy in each […]

18% at ebags! Any time I can get $50 off the price of a designer bag I’m going to be a happy camper!

I would have been most excited for Sephora if I hadn’t gotten the $20 off coupon on Saturday. I’m just doing […]

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