How does Cosplay compare to Chlorophyll? I think it was LE but I have it and they seem to be similar but I’m not sure

As an owner of Beetle, I’d like to say that I absolutely LOVE layering it. I like to wear it over my black, deep blue, navy, and greener lipsticks. It adds that extra depth and little something that make me so […]

I want all of these! I’m secretly hoping most of them perform poorly so I’m not so tempted to actually buy all 12. NYX why must you taunt me so…

Great reviews! I’m on a tighter budget this month and haven’t spent money on makeup in a while. Is there something from this collection you think would be worth getting?

How does Mars compare to Junkie or MAC’s Undercurrent?

Does anyone know how Aztec Gold compares to Liquid Gold pigment by Makeup Geek?

Ah, Lady Danger! I remember that being my first MAC lipstick, if not my first MAC product :) still a favorite after all these years! <3

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