I SO agree with your first point, Katherine. There were several palettes and other products (Guerlain Cruel Gardenia comes to mind) I thought of taking the last time we flew (in March) but I was concerned about […]

Hard to fill in the categories asked for here – “Colour”, “Finish” and “Undertone” are all “varied” since this is a palette. Anyway, I was quite nervous about purchasing this palette as I know the Soul palette got a pretty poor review here and I set great store by Christine’s reviews. But I’m glad I chanced it and bought Spirit as it is a great…[Read more]

I absolutely ADORE Sephora! Yes, it is overwhelming but so is the myriad of individual cosmetics counters in a department store. At least at Sephora, the SA’s aren’t pressuring you to buy one specific brand and […]

If you’re travelling by car and are in doubt….just BRING IT!!! But flying, with all the restrictions about what you can and can’t take in your carry-on, it becomes complicated. I tend to pack things like […]

For the price, this just doesn’t seem like it’s good value for money. It’s not especially large or special – really not all that much better than most GWP freebies. And stacked up against some of the really […]

yes – Amber Diamond. I have Rose Diamond and love it but had been planning to get Amber Diamond and POOF – it was gone!

yah – but they probably don’t give a flying fart because they ALL got all the colours and even back ups so they’re all right, while the rest of us pine and languish….(gee, do you think I’m dramatic enough?)

Now this one, I like. The top shade is a lot frostier than I like for a browbone highlight but would be lovely as an inner corner/tearduct highlight. And, not surprisingly, as these are the sorts of colours I […]

Oh, my – I could write a list pages long! Not surprising, since I suggested the question! But to keep it to the bare minimum, first off would be MAC Jardin Aires pigment (I’m almost out of my little vial). Then […]

I was hoping Sudsy would be better….but since it’s not, I’ll stick with my beloved Sephora pencils.

The packaging on this is so lovely (compared with the other new release from MAC – that WASH one!). I hope the products measure up to the packaging but, to be honest, I don’t hold out a whole lot of hope!

Did it again – forgot to answer the 3rd question…

I like fairly understated accessories – simple jewelry but larger pieces rather than lots of small fiddly ones. And I love scarves and wear them often.

Haul: some new to me shades of Revlon Lip Butters (2 each of Wild Watermelon and Sorbet), Maybelline Black Orchid Colour Tattoo eyeshadow, a new bottle of Clarins Fix Makeup and of their Iris toner, a bottle of […]

False lashes – they just look so FALSE. Contour, because on me, it generally looks like dirt on my face and if I blend it, it looks like nothing. And for the same reason, bronzer. I don’t want to look orange and […]

I’ll use a mattifying/blotting powder or even use a makeup removing wipe and start again, if I’m prepared (just a matter of putting on fresh BB/CC and some concealer). If I’ve planned ahead and have things with […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool
What brand have you been loving most in 2015 so far? Urban Decay
What brand has disappointed you most in 2015 so far? Hourglass (those shadow palettes – compare them in price […]

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