I have not one, but TWO pans of Maui Wowie…in BOS III and in the new formulation, which was supposed to be so much better than the original. Even in the new formula, I find this gorgeous shade to be virtually […]

Ha! Come to southern Ontario (Canada) if you want to know about summer heat (and humidity!). I often joke (not entirely a joke) that I got to hot yoga to cool off! Who needs a sauna when you can just step outside the door!

Clarins Fix’ Makeup spray does the trick for me. I love that stuff!

Ten years ago, it would most definitely have been MAC but today, it’s pretty much a small showcase for everything Sephora sells (vbg). Mainly MAC, UD, Clarins, Too Faced, Nars and Guerlain, with a fair bit of […]

Inglot, hands down! I love that they have palettes where you can put your own combo of blush and eyeshadow, etc. and I just love their eyeshadow palettes and the variety of sizes they offer.

The only Stila liners I have are the ones that came in the “In the….” palettes (and were only available in those palettes, which was a shame) but Sepia, Jade and Midnight Green all look really gorgeous and I […]

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. That’s why researching a product and trying it out for myself, in-store is so important to me. One example is those Hourglass newish eyeshadow palettes. I thought I would want ALL […]

Holt Renfrew carries Tom Ford. I try to stay away from the counter when I am in Toronto or even at Square One in Mississauga (there’s a Holt’s there too….swoon….Jo Malone, Tom Ford….swoon).

I was always […]

Renee, thanks to SDM’s Optimum points, I have “purchased” so much stuff for “free” – all my latest fragrance purchases, Guerlain’s eyeshadow quad, the beautiful Cruel Gardenia highlighter from a few years ago, […]

Dorit, where I live (in Canada!) we have a small chain of German grocery stores. There are maybe 5 or 6 of them throughout this area. They started as a sausage and deli chain but have grown into a European gourmet […]

I’d never heard of Collistar til I was on a flight to Rome in March. Then I saw it in all the pharmacies. I did treat myself to a trip to a Kiko store (actually, to two – one in Rome and one in Cagliari where I […]

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
How often do you wash your hair? twice a week
What’s your go-to shampoo and/or conditioner? I colour my hair so I use either Biolage (which my colourist uses) or Joico for […]

It’s nice but not “nice enough” for someone like me, who’s pretty much up to her pupik (that’s a belly button, folks) in neutral palettes. Plus, I’m still dealing with the euphoria of MUFE’s Nudes You Need.

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