Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Best liquid lipstick formula? haven’t found one
Best liquid eyeliner formula? the closest I’ve come to “liquid” liner is gel – Nars eye paints and IT Cosmetics gel liner
Best […]

The only thing I can think of is Philosphy’s Purity Made Simple gel cleanser. I like the product okay (though it doesn’t remove eye makeup half as well as they lead you to believe) but the packaging is THE WORST […]

Oooh, talk about beautiful. I wonder how they’d compare to the great shadows Clarins came out with a while back (as there’s no Burberry retailer anywhere near me, I can’t test ’em out). Will you be reviewing […]

I think the biggest (and only) misconception I had was that in a fairly short time, I’d have “all” the makeup I could need or realistically even want. I remember thinking, when I got the first Naked palette, that […]

This looks like it had the potential to be a really awesome palette but missed the mark on a lot of counts. The blush is also not a great colour for me but it might have been workable had the rest of the palette been better.

I absolutely ADORE this shadow from the Pro Palette 2. It is unbelievably smooth and creamy and so very pigmented that I need to remind myself that even when I’m using the softest of my brushes, I only need to touch the surface lightly (I often forget and end up with more than enough product for both eyes, and this is the case with most of the…[Read more]

I am SO in love with this palette, I cannot tell you! First of all, it is so refreshing to see names that actually mean something – Light Brown, Silver, Plum, Navy – rather than nebulous names like Lahore, Ego, Karma….names that tell you nothing about the colours! I was unsure at first whether to get the original or #2 but as soon as I saw…[Read more]

I selected “never” but “rarely” would have been a better choice. I did have a free makeover/makeup application at Sephora some months before DD got married. It did spur me to buy the Stila In the Light palette […]

This is such a wonderful, easy to use palette. For days when being confronted by 20 shadows in a palette is just too much to process, this compact and well co-ordinated little beauty is just perfect – everything you need for a great neutral, professional eye look and nothing you don’t need. Makes getting ready in the mornings a snap and it is so…[Read more]

Strange as it seems, sometimes it’s worth at least trying some eyeshadows you might already have in your collection to see if they might actually work as a greyish contour shade – something like MAC Omega or even […]

I can’t really think of anything. I don’t like things like black or green lips or red eyeshadow so I don’t try them, not because I’m fearful but just because I think they’re ugly. I suppose the only thing might […]

Haul: A supersize tube of IT Cosmetics CC cream (and another dual ended brush) – ordered from TSC and I’m surprised it came so quickly as they say “a week to 10 days” and it arrived in 5! Also, as it was the […]

A bit disappointed that it’s not better but as there are so few contour powders in this colour range (like the much sought after Chanel Notorious – why they didn’t make that permanent is beyond me), and the price […]

Hey, you are not alone! The most “coral” lipstick I own is MAC Impassioned. Coral is not a great shade for me either. I wonder if we’re twins!

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