D+ – well, that’s not very good now, is it??? I thought this would be the sort of tarnished green/gold that I just love but it looks quite orange in the photos, to say nothing of the fact that it seems to be a […]

Grace, I find the Naked on the Run palette to be a great time and space and “thinking” saver too. As I said, it’s missing a lot of my favourite types of shadows but, in a pinch and for the convenience, I can live […]

I hate that they discontinued their old eyeshadow duos (and before I was able to purchase Suede and Gypsy!). I sort of hate the price/hype-i-ness of the whole “ambient light roadshow”. I have 4 of the original […]

I’m loving reading this. I’m always so curious to see what others take and what I can glean from tips of other travelling makeup lovers. We just got in half an hour ago from a weekend get-away by car which makes […]

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Ooops, I realized now, re-reading this, that I meant Ursa Major, not Subra (though I like Subra plenty). I was typing on my tablet, which I hate using, and couldn’t face fiddling around to find the right names of […]

Chanel, because they don’t flood the market with new releases every 5 minutes and so when they do a new release, it’s exciting. UD because they always have stuff that I find hard to resist. And MAC, because I have […]

My list:
Kauai for sure
Habanera duo
Kalahari duo
Nouveau Monde duo
Lhasa single
Subra (I agree with you on this one too, Christine
Baalbek eye paint
the pressed setting powder (I’m away from home […]

Very weird but I ended up returning Catfight (and I rarely return products) but I absolutely LOVE F-Bomb, despite the name. I wanted to get 69 (name issues again) to replace Catfight but they were sold out and […]

I don’t much like them cooked into desserts and such…eating them raw is what I love. For baking/desserts, I’m much more likely to buy a small bucket of frozen sour or sweet cherries (depending on what the recipe […]

Haul: Kat von D Shade+Light eyeshadow palette

Weekend plans: We’re heading over the border on Sunday for an overnight stay. Hope to do a bit of garden clean up before that

Favourite fruit: I love all summer […]

Nars Andromeda on most of the “mobile lid” with MAC Silver Dawn on the outer third and into the outer crease. Seems an odd combo but it worked nicely and wasn’t overly dark. I used Sephora Malted Milkshake to fade […]

I agree, Christine. I think UD is hard to top. I do like the MUFE Nudes You Need palette but MUFE doesn’t have a large # of palettes in their lineup so I can’t really say they’re “the best”. Too Faced comes in […]

I understand that, Christine, and you’ve said this in past but I think that for most of us, price is a factor – we DO (and I think, should or have a right to) expect “better” when something has such a high price […]

I am so loving this wonderful shadow and so happy it was repromoted as I was entirely unaware of it when it first was released. While Christine categorizes it as “warm”, I find it to be a lovely, silvery taupe brown that leans more cool. It’s a wonderfully versatile shade.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool-toned
Favorite cool-toned lipstick? seriously, just one? No can do but top 3 would be MAC Craving and Plumful and Bite Vigne
Favorite warm-toned blush? If I had to pick one, […]

As others have also commented, some of these have a lovely finish for matte shadows – they don’t look dry or flat but seem more satiny. But I’d never purchase a palette like this because it’s not a “stand alone” […]

1. I look better with it than without it.
2. I enjoy just about every aspect – applying it, wearing it, “playing” with it
3. No matter how sick I look or how crummy I look, a great shade of lippie will always […]

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