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It’s a rare day indeed when I disagree with Christine about a product but this is one of those rare times. I loved the original “In the…” Stila palettes and was sad not only that they were discontinued but that they were replaced with new palettes that were both far more pricey AND which seemed of really lousy quality. Because Stila is sold at…[Read more]

Money is such a gorgeous shade of icy green. It’s cool and sort of “watery” looking, if that makes any sense and it is a terrific colour for hot summer days or night because the cool, silvery green-ness is looks so fresh and easy. I have this in 2 separate LE palettes and I’m glad it is now available as a single shadow as well.

I’ve yet to be disappointed by a single “Ready” eyeshadow (and I have a LOT of them). Flicker was one of the shadows that was always on my list of “I’ll pick it up one day” shades and when I saw that Sephora was phasing out a lot of the duos and quads, I grabbed the last one of these at my local store. As Christine says in her review, this is such…[Read more]

I absolutely ADORE this shadow from the Pro Palette 2. It is unbelievably smooth and creamy and so very pigmented that I need to remind myself that even when I’m using the softest of my brushes, I only need to touch the surface lightly (I often forget and end up with more than enough product for both eyes, and this is the case with most of the…[Read more]

I am SO in love with this palette, I cannot tell you! First of all, it is so refreshing to see names that actually mean something – Light Brown, Silver, Plum, Navy – rather than nebulous names like Lahore, Ego, Karma….names that tell you nothing about the colours! I was unsure at first whether to get the original or #2 but as soon as I saw…[Read more]

This is such a wonderful, easy to use palette. For days when being confronted by 20 shadows in a palette is just too much to process, this compact and well co-ordinated little beauty is just perfect – everything you need for a great neutral, professional eye look and nothing you don’t need. Makes getting ready in the mornings a snap and it is so…[Read more]