Oh – the Mega Metals were amazing. As much as I’m happy about a few of theses shadows, the Mega Metal formula was 100 times better than the Extra Dimension one. Oh, I’d love if they’d bring back the original […]

Eileen, I remember that stuff. And I can remember reading a Harper’s Bazaar interview/tips thing with some makeup artist (maybe even Way Bandy) who said that from his personal experience as a makeup artist, that […]

It was Cutex Peppermint Pink Lipstick – it had the flavour of peppermint too. Shortly after, I bought a caramel one (colour and flavour). I can’t remember too much after that except for some Yardley lipglossy […]

Haul: Stila Eyes are the Windows Palette in the “Spirit” colours; Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector (what a great product), some Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 110 (I’ve been looking for this since last […]

Oh DARN IT – Soul Serenade was the one I really, REALLY wanted and it’s not among this grouping! Oh well, I will console myself with Rich Core, Legendary Lure and Fathoms Deep. It’s a shame they didn’t also […]

I KNOW!!!! I’ve been saying this and whining and crying about it since the collection launched and sold out in the blink of an eye. They must have heard my whining! Permanent!!! How great is that?

I wasn’t looking for anything specific in terms of makeup (I’m never actively looking but somehow it always finds ME) but I did pick up a terrific new serum-y type product from Marcelle (CDN company) and, in spite […]

I am SO happy that MAC is finally re-releasing them AND making them permanent. I have Havana from a few years ago and Sea Worship (one of the most beautiful eyeshadows ever) but so wanted to get at least 2 other […]

I am SOOOOO glad these are back. I got one last time (Red Necessity) and it is so beautiful and I could slap myself for not getting a backup (though some of my backups have gone a bit rancid :( )

I can’t wait […]

For me, it’s the UD Revolution lipsticks (or whatever they’re called). Some colours seen to wear better than others, though. I put F-Bomb on at 7 am and it’s still there now, at 3:45 my time and I’ve had lunch […]

Honestly, having tried Guerlain bronzers before, I honestly don’t think they’re worth the price – there are very similar bronzers (colour, texture, application results, etc.) that cost half this much or even less […]

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool
Do you find sales associates useful? Yes, some of the time (and, at Sephora, you need a nice SA to help you if you want a sample)
What was your best experience with a sales […]

ICK – both the colour (reminds me of a 1960’s T-bird, and, nostalgic or nor, that was an ugly shade) and especially in texture – that is inexcusable!

While those shadow palettes look gorgeous – both of them – Dior’s shadow quality can be so iffy (from wonderful to absolutely dreadful) that I think I’ll wait for reviews. Christine, are you planning to review any […]

I think I’ll have to get Taupe Drop – it looks like the perfect shade of taupe (how many dozen times have I said THAT?) F for the other 2 – very sad, especially at this price point and from this company.

Changed my life? Well, except for eating up thousands of dollars of my disposable income every year, it hasn’t change my life. I just like it!

I was thinking the same thing with regard to the new UD blushes FINALLY arriving – WHY couldn’t it have been during the VIB sale (can anyone believe I actually bought NOTHING this time….I had a list but the […]

The NUDE palette is so calling my name. I already have one of the shadows in it and had been searching for another, only to decide (after reading reviews from some members here) that it wasn’t all that and I […]

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