Money is such a gorgeous shade of icy green. It’s cool and sort of “watery” looking, if that makes any sense and it is a terrific colour for hot summer days or night because the cool, silvery green-ness is looks so fresh and easy. I have this in 2 separate LE palettes and I’m glad it is now available as a single shadow as well.

I’ve yet to be disappointed by a single “Ready” eyeshadow (and I have a LOT of them). Flicker was one of the shadows that was always on my list of “I’ll pick it up one day” shades and when I saw that Sephora was phasing out a lot of the duos and quads, I grabbed the last one of these at my local store. As Christine says in her review, this is such…[Read more]

Geez, now I wish I hadn’t piddled away my points in 100 and 500 increments (mind you, I’ve always got pretty good stuff or at least been able to rule out purchases that wouldn’t have been too great).

Concealer! I think it will always be concealer. No matter how good my “latest find”, I’m still always hoping the “next new thing” will be better!

I have Los Cabos in a palette I got a year or 2 back and it’s quite nice as I am pale and this doesn’t look fake on me or too orange. It’s also great as a really subtle crease or transition shade on the eyes.

Okay, having looked more closely at the photos, I am thinking they do need sharpening (did I ever say “dumbest idea EVER”?) and they look quite dry (even if they feel nice, they look dry) though Bad Blood looks […]

Christine, are these twist up or do they require sharpening? (the dumbest idea EVER!) If they’re twist up, I may well get Bad Blood as I love the look of the Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick and I missed out on it.

I can go either way with just about any makeup product – some of my skin care is pretty budget friendly; other things pricey. Same with makeup. I think the only 2 things that are always a splurge for me are […]

The lip tars I tried were a bit of let-down (the long wear I was hoping for simply was not there and the 2-step application and sort of messiness were things I wasn’t wild about). Even so, I am quite looking […]

A concealer that really does not crease at all and that fills in the “trough” under the eye where the dark circles also are! (ha! I know that’s impossible but….I had a bruise under my eye some months back and […]

Christine, the Gold Copper looks very shrunken and like the product could fall right out of the jar (my Chanel Ebloui has gone like that) but the other one looks fine. Are any of the others “shrunken” like that […]

Haul: Another of the Lise Watier 24 HRS Glam pencil-shadows, this in the shade Chic Glam and another bottle of the LE Dry Oil Spray from the same company (I got one a few weeks back and it knocks the life out of […]

That shadow palette with the deep purples and green looks really lovely (actually, so does the other one) but I’ve learned to bide my time with Dior palettes and wait for reviews…. As for the illuminating […]

Their site was never very good – hard to read the descriptions, hard to see the brushes – black brushes on a black background – who the hell thought of THAT as a good idea – and the colour swatches were dreadful. […]

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