I’m upset that, at least here in Canada, they’ve phased out the old “quilted surface” eyeshadows and I’m not familiar enough with their new ones to know what the quality is like and, of course, I can’t replace or […]

It sounds pretty lame but to help deal with the “overwhelm-ness” and also to streamline my mornings, I purchased a little basket and the evening before, or when I suddenly think “Oh, I want to use such-and-such […]

I looked at Midnight in Paris when it was in store the last time (part of set?) and it was nice but not nice “enough” to justify the crazy price, especially here in Canada. I don’t recall it being all that great […]

No one has ever said or implied anything like that to my face but an online chat forum I participate in has a few women who’ve said, over the years, things like “I don’t colour my hair or have it cut in a salon”, […]

This looks to be a lovely neutral/nude palette and would be perfect for someone newer to makeup or for someone who’s been living on a mountain peak in Mongolia for the last 15 years and is now back in civilization […]

Gosh, yes – I forgot entirely about Sephora’s own brand. In the past 5 or so years, they have really become amazing and their prices are pretty hard to beat too.

“shine like 30 coats of lacquer” – what does that even mean? Puts me in mind of the Louboutin nail polish that was supposed to be like 50 coats of regular polish, or something like that….sounds like a lot of […]

Erica has 3 at any given time (she used to have an ornate golden one that was so beautiful but she sold/traded it a few years ago). Hearing her play is such a treat, especially hearing her play solo rather than […]

Probaby Dior. Years and years ago, I used to use an eye cream of their faithfully but that was all and the rest of the line seemed “dowdy” somehow. But in recent years, I’ve come ’round to some of theire products […]

No huge surprise here but I LOOOOOVE Anaconda. I also really like Unicorn (in the pan) but I see it earned a very sad rating. Beigely has a lot of appeal too but I’ve so many colours like that already. I would […]

I’ve tried both OCC and Too Faced Melted and I’ve not been happy with either. I might try one of the newer Too Faced ones in a slightly less aggressive shade than Melted Ruby but I find them drying and they fade […]

Haul: can you believe – absolutely NOTHING!

Weekend plans: shopping for some items for a silent auction donation. Either the gym or yoga (probably the gym) and visiting with my former neighbour who’s in town […]

They also seem to keep releasing the exact same eyeshadows but in new palettes/collections and with new names. Maybe because they don’t have a “core” of single, permanent shadows (the way companies like MAC or […]

Tarte is capable of making such wonderful shadows and blushes (well, I guess all companies are but the Tarte blush I have is in my “top 3″ of all brands) so it’s disappointing when they release something as “iffy” […]

I love the Clarins spray. I like that it comes in a glass bottle and I just like the product itself. I do wish you got more for your money – the bottle isn’t all that large but I prefer the product to UD All […]

…..I meant to add that I wish KvD would put the NAMES of the shadows right on the front of the palette. It is something I really prefer.

Beigge, brown, dark brown, black, cool brown, warm brown, taupey brown….heard it all, seen it all and bought it all! If this had come out 5 or 6 years ago, I’d say “yay, I need this” but I would imagine I’m not […]

Marc Jacobs, Hourglass, Stila and a few other companies have huge price increases here (so much for our “world’s longest undefended border”….this may crumble under the rage of makeup addicts in The Great White […]

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