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Wow, I’m really enjoying reading some of these suggestions. Mine are pretty boring but they’re things that float around in my head from time to time….
What LE product would you like to see made permanent (or […]

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I love the shadows, already have both the bronzer and highlighter (they put these 2 in every palette, I think) but the blush is really in the “no go” zone for me so I’ll probably pass on this since I’ve got so […]

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Oh my – I did not need to know this! While I don’t want it all, I want a few of those smoky eye pencils and some of the shadows and blushes for sure!

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What I HATE is that Milani isn’t available in Canada. About 8 or 10 years ago, a few grocery stores from a large chain here did carry a limited selection of Milani products but that was very short-lived. I wish […]

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I tend to use them on their own as quick, easy “one and done” looks or as bases for other shadows. It’s odd but I’m never quite sure how to blend them and yet blending powder shadows isn’t a challenge at all. […]

Mariella reviewed Evidence 2 days, 19 hours ago

I’ve had Evidence since it came out in the 15th Anniversary Palette but I often forget about this palette and it’s been tucked away, ignored, for some months. I just got it out today to use before going out for drinks with my son and a few of his friends and since I was going to be with a young crowd, I figured “what the heck”. Evidence looks so…[Read more]

I think back to the MAC Studio Finish concealer I used to have and how icky the surface became over time (odd, since this doesn’t happen with my cream eyeshadows) and eventually I just tossed it.

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I didn’t think I would like this looking at it in the pan, but it looks gorgeous on you and swatched, it looks so pretty. Considering that I really like the dupes, I think I will have to get this one. What a surprise!

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Mariella reviewed Tisse Gabrielle #1 3 days, 7 hours ago

In a quad where every shadow is wonderful, this one is probably the one I use most. It works beautifully as a “one and done” shade because it is so easy to blend out to “nothingness” so you can use this one shade for a quick and attractive look.

Mariella reviewed F-Bomb 3 days, 7 hours ago

I got a mini of F-Bomb with some purchase at Sephora (or maybe with VIB points). Despite my objection to the name (I lament this “trend” toward making vulgar names “mainstream” as it is just so lacking in real class), I LOVE this lipstick. It lights up my whole face and while the colour is just a hair more orange-leaning than I’d like ideally, I…[Read more]

So totally not a colour for me. I’ve actually never bought a CCB! I’ve been tempted a few times but something about the almost greasy formula always stops me – I can’t imagine using it on my eyes and even as a […]

These look cheap and certainly not worth the price! Especially the tote bag – it looks like something you’d get for free in some sort of store or brand promotion! I recently got a bunch of Sonia Kashuk makeup bags […]

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I always use an eyeshadow primer (I include MAC Paint Pot in that category) – I just never wear eyeshadow without a primer. Face/foundation primer most of the time. I’ve not tried a lip primer but I keep meaning […]

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