GASP – they look gorgeous on you, Christine – what a lovely look you’ve made! I really like Pasiphae but have so many of the dupes that I wonder if this would be a worthwhile purchase (if these shadows were a […]

Depends on whether I’m wearing a lot, a little or no makeup. The “full Monty” would be an eye makeup remover (Lacome or the Gemey Maybelline one I got in France) followed by an cleansing oil (MAC or Clinique) or […]

Christine, does it go away one the product is in a moderate and consistent temperature?

Probably NARS or MUFE as I like so many of their products and they don’t seem as tied to current trends as some other brands. Also, being older, I feel they don’t target just a younger consumer and aim at a level […]

I was thinking the same thing. I’ve often joked with the SA’s at Sephora about what a dangerous place it would be for me to work there as I would bring home NOTHING in my pay!

I love the name and concept behind the name of the BM Work, Weekend, Wow palette but I have some of those shadows already and so don’t feel all that interested. If only the Tarte palette had a better, more […]

I already have Los Cabos (in a great palette with 2 blushes as well) and it’s nice – very light, which suits me. Like so many others, I’m eager to try Tranquil….clever of Sephora to release a shade so much like […]

My experience is that Sephora has seriously stepped up their game with regard to their own line. There is SO much that I really love and the prices are great, which is an added bonus. I’m dying to try out their […]

I take a perverse comfort in seeing that I’m in good company with the “not even close” choice (though it should be a wake up call rather than any sort of comfort!). I haven’t even hit pan on a single eyeshadow in […]

I’m sort of confuddled by this whole “Fall Gifting” concept. Is Fall now a gift-giving occasion? Unless I’ve been specific about “I want THIS”, I don’t much like people “gifting” me makeup, even at Christmas or […]

I’d included brushes like the following: my wonderful little Shiseido foundation brush; Sephora Pro Cream eyeshadow brush (for concealer AND cream shadows); a MAC 239 and 217; a Sephora smudger brush; the Smashbox […]

Haul: PUR Minerals Simplicity Soothing Cleanser (wonderful), Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner, and while we were over the border, I stocked up on my fave moisturizer – Eucerin Q10 Cream and also got a […]

Eons ago, Max Factor made a great one. I still have one but the little “tab” that allowed it to open is pretty much broken off. Some years ago, I discovered the QUO retractable lipstick brush and it’s the only one […]

I’ll stick with Sephora’s own “Pro” line of brushes (and some of their regular “ordinary mortals” line). I find most of Sephora’s brushes to be absolutely excellent.

I love everything about that palette EXCEPT the blush which is just too warm and too orange for me (I know others will love it and this will be a perfect palette for them; I’m jealous and wish they had an option […]

There’s very, very little that will motivate me to buy something sight unseen. The only product I’ve purchased recently (and this has to be a year or more ago) was MAC Fiction eyeshadow when it was repromoted in […]

If Pasiphae is the 2nd shadow pictured, it must be amazing because it’s described as “shimmering peacock burgundy”, but it looks like a luminous, duo-chrome dark jade. I can’t wait at least to see and swatch it […]

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