My experience is that Sephora has seriously stepped up their game with regard to their own line. There is SO much that I really love and the prices are great, which is an added bonus. I’m dying to try out their […]

I take a perverse comfort in seeing that I’m in good company with the “not even close” choice (though it should be a wake up call rather than any sort of comfort!). I haven’t even hit pan on a single eyeshadow in […]

I’m sort of confuddled by this whole “Fall Gifting” concept. Is Fall now a gift-giving occasion? Unless I’ve been specific about “I want THIS”, I don’t much like people “gifting” me makeup, even at Christmas or […]

I’d included brushes like the following: my wonderful little Shiseido foundation brush; Sephora Pro Cream eyeshadow brush (for concealer AND cream shadows); a MAC 239 and 217; a Sephora smudger brush; the Smashbox […]

Haul: PUR Minerals Simplicity Soothing Cleanser (wonderful), Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner, and while we were over the border, I stocked up on my fave moisturizer – Eucerin Q10 Cream and also got a […]

Eons ago, Max Factor made a great one. I still have one but the little “tab” that allowed it to open is pretty much broken off. Some years ago, I discovered the QUO retractable lipstick brush and it’s the only one […]

I’ll stick with Sephora’s own “Pro” line of brushes (and some of their regular “ordinary mortals” line). I find most of Sephora’s brushes to be absolutely excellent.

I love everything about that palette EXCEPT the blush which is just too warm and too orange for me (I know others will love it and this will be a perfect palette for them; I’m jealous and wish they had an option […]

There’s very, very little that will motivate me to buy something sight unseen. The only product I’ve purchased recently (and this has to be a year or more ago) was MAC Fiction eyeshadow when it was repromoted in […]

If Pasiphae is the 2nd shadow pictured, it must be amazing because it’s described as “shimmering peacock burgundy”, but it looks like a luminous, duo-chrome dark jade. I can’t wait at least to see and swatch it […]

I entirely don’t need this and it’s an easy “skip” for me but I’m “loving” it nevertheless as I just generally love Nars eyeshadows and their palettes, which are such a great way to get a lot of different shadows […]

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Favorite warm-toned lipstick? you’re joking, right? I guess the warmest toned lipstick I have is Guerlain Habit Rouge
Favorite cool-toned blush? just the one? Oh dear…well, […]

Yeah, that jelly-oozey looking stuff is a bit off-putting but these are gorgeous. I so love BITE’s lipsticks and these look like mattes I’d actually wear – they don’t have that nasty dry look so common to matte […]

A few of the shades look VERY “wantable” but so many others look exactly like colours they’ve had in past (in their palettes) but with new names on them and that’s something I don’t like about TF – they seem to […]

It’s IT CC cream for me as well, largely because of the high level of SPF in it which means I can wear just ONE product on my face when it’s hot and humid and steamy, rather than having to layer on several […]

I was so happy finally to get Gilded Envy to add to my collection of taupe/pewter type shadows. This shade has never been released in Canada but I found it easily at the Walmart in Buffalo when we went over the border a few days ago. It’s a beautifuly neutral pewter shade that’s a bit more metallic than I’d ideally like but not so much that I’m…[Read more]

I thought Pinch o Peach WAS permanent until they just all of a sudden discontinued it; same with Frankly Scarlet and Pink Swoon – I thought all of those had been permanent shades that just got phased out. I am […]

D+ – well, that’s not very good now, is it??? I thought this would be the sort of tarnished green/gold that I just love but it looks quite orange in the photos, to say nothing of the fact that it seems to be a […]

Grace, I find the Naked on the Run palette to be a great time and space and “thinking” saver too. As I said, it’s missing a lot of my favourite types of shadows but, in a pinch and for the convenience, I can live […]

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