I have several shades of Lip Butters and really like them, Wild Watermelon (my latest addition – it was on sale so I bought several) is a pinky coral shade that I find very pretty for spring and summer. I can’t generally wear coral shades but this one is pink/red enough (rather than orange-y) so it’s very wearable for me. I love the texture of…[Read more]

I love Cherry Tart. It is such a pretty, bright red that is still very wearable because the sheerness keeps it from being too overpowering. However, for a sheer, gloss type product, it has wonderful pigmentation and colour saturation. I think this would be flattering on just about everyone.

My rant would be 2-fold, the first part being that there are no Ulta stores here in Canada (I do have an Ulta card as I shop there when I’m in the US) and the 2nd part being that they are very often out of stock […]

I don’t have a sensitivity to fragrances in skin care or makeup products (at least, nothing so far though one can always react at any time to any product!) and I find the scent of many products to be quite […]

Oooh – don’t get me started! I love these Extra Dimension shadows for the colours and finish but in terms of texture, nothing beats Mega Metals. In fact, I think I’ll get out Dalliance and Centre Stage to wear […]

Tell me, folks, is it crazy to be so giddy with happiness over the re-release of these shadows and the fact that they are permanent? Honestly, I am just bubbly with anticipation at seeing them in-store.

…and usually, the first ingredient is WATER! And, high end or low, so many of the other ingredients in a lot of skin care products are so similar with a few fancy things added to the high end stuff and usually […]

Oh gosh – my wish list has just grown considerably. I thought I’d only want 1 or 2 of the shades that I’d missed from Alluring Aquatics but now I’ve added Silver Sun, Silver Dawn and Stolen Moment to the list. […]

I think every single company exaggerates their claims. I’d love to see a company state simply that a product will soften the exterior texture of the skin and moisturize and protect from sun damage but even the […]

I agree about Guerlain’s flower not looking like a gardenia – I thought it looked more like a David Austin Rose! But the design of this bronzer looks so much like the Guerlain one that it’s a bit uncanny.

Christine, I’m having a bit of trouble matching up the shadows in the large group photo with the individual “gloss overs”. The one that looks to be a somewhat greenish grey, bottom row far left – which one is that?

That bronzer looks so much like they stole the “press” from Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia but put it in a better case! I don’t like warm toned lipsticks but I LOVE the one the model is wearing in that photo. I would […]

I’ve been lucky in that everything I’ve purchased in 2015 has been great but that is due in large part to this blog, Christine. I probably would have parted with big bucks to get at least 2 of the Hourglass […]

I almost wonder if they were pricey to produce and so MAC didn’t find the profit margin as good. Or who knows – maybe because they were in those huge pans (and with a bigger price tag) they weren’t great sellers. […]

I really hope you like it, Christine. I do wish it came in a larger bottle but it’s such a nice product and I figure it’s a bit of an indulgence.

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