This is one of those “wake in a cold sweat from a nightmare” scenarios for me and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Since it’s makeup and not skin-care, that makes it somewhat less difficult to answer. I’d have to […]

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Last product you bought on a whim? Smashbox Hydrating Under-eye Primer
Last product you debated over forever but finally bought? Stila Spirit Eyes Are the Windows […]

Forty bucks for six of those new Buxom shadows in those luscious colours or $55 for this….to me, it is a no-brainer!

How can I not be bowled over by a “programme” that makes it so cheap to buy MORE eyeshadows and so costly to be restrained? I am so eager to check these babies out – all those stunner neutrals AND colours like […]

Nice but a little too pricey for me – they’re $39 in Canada and I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss anyway so I’ll stick with my beloved Clarins Gloss Prodige for a mere $23 CDN.

I have not one, but TWO pans of Maui Wowie…in BOS III and in the new formulation, which was supposed to be so much better than the original. Even in the new formula, I find this gorgeous shade to be virtually […]

Ha! Come to southern Ontario (Canada) if you want to know about summer heat (and humidity!). I often joke (not entirely a joke) that I got to hot yoga to cool off! Who needs a sauna when you can just step outside the door!

Clarins Fix’ Makeup spray does the trick for me. I love that stuff!

Ten years ago, it would most definitely have been MAC but today, it’s pretty much a small showcase for everything Sephora sells (vbg). Mainly MAC, UD, Clarins, Too Faced, Nars and Guerlain, with a fair bit of […]

Inglot, hands down! I love that they have palettes where you can put your own combo of blush and eyeshadow, etc. and I just love their eyeshadow palettes and the variety of sizes they offer.

The only Stila liners I have are the ones that came in the “In the….” palettes (and were only available in those palettes, which was a shame) but Sepia, Jade and Midnight Green all look really gorgeous and I […]

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