■Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/Warm
■Last product you loved but was discontinued? I’m sure that products I’ve loved have been discontinued but I can’t think of one offhand.It seems that there’s always something […]

I’ve never tried a serum that I felt did a darned thing for my skin….and I’ve tried many listed here. I wish I could say I saw some kind or result.

■Your skin tone/coloring: warm/Fair
■All-time favorite makeup brand? Don’t really have one. I’m all over the place and have found real gems at high end and low.
■All-time favorite skin care brand? Alpha […]

Opaque glosses are the only ones I like. I don’t see the point of a sheer gloss. They all look the same on my lips.

Rave! At my age they are a must. As we age, our lip line disappears.

I really like Bare Minerals

At my age only a 10X magnification mirror will do!

■Your skin tone/coloring: Warm/Fair
■Favorite high-end brand? Chanel
■Favorite budget-friendly brand? Revlon
■Least favorite brand? Urban Decay ( don’t hate me, I’m old. Too shimmery for me)

Wow Christine! That looks fabulous on you and the lipstick……just perfect!

■Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/Warm
■Favorite setting powder? Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
■Favorite finishing powder? don’t really use one
■Favorite primer? Don’t use face primer. Use Bare Escentuals Prime […]

I’m most excited for the Clarisonic cleansing system.

This was fabulous! Thanks, Christine : )

■Your hair type: Straight, medium thickness, normal
■Favorite shampoo/conditioner?Suave Naturals Coconut shampoo and conditioner. Once a week, Ion Shiny Silver blue shampoo and conditioner
■Favorite hair […]

I don’t get them at all. If I want something that becomes a powder product, I may as well just use a powder product!

■Your skin tone/coloring: Warm/Fair
■Favorite polish texture? Jelly
■One, two, or three coats of polish? all of those
■Do you use a base and/or top coat? Yes!

I’ve got to say…I recently bought a NYX cream blush and it was so fabulous, I couldn’t believe it!…and only $5.00!

I love liquid liner. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and easy.

■Your skin tone/coloring: Warm/ Fair
■Best cream blush? I just bought my first NYX and they’re fabulous! …and I’ve tried them all.
■Best blush stain? I’ve never met a blush stain I liked.
■Best lip stain? […]

■Your skin tone/coloring: Warm/Fair
■Best long-wearing eyeliner? I have found many very good ones: Bobbi Brown, MAC Fluidline, MAC liquid eyeliner, Lancome Artliner, MAC PowerPoint Pencils
■Best long-wearing […]

I’m with you. I’ve bought a couple but find that I never use them. I like lipstick in a tube.

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